12 Tips to take care of plant in bathroom

A small tree of green can make a change  the damp environment of a bathroom. In most houses the window of bath room is very small in size.

You can keep a tree on the basin of the bathroom and just feel the change it will become livelier. Here are some tips to take care of tree which you kept in the bathroom.

How to take care of plant in bathroom

  1. Try to keep the plant on the basin or near of the window. If your bathroom is quite big , you can put in a corner with tub.
  2. Indoor plants are usually kept  in bathroom. Do not keep the plant inside of bathroom for a long period continuously , try to keep them outside with a regular interval.
  3. Keep  two types of plant in the  house . One type keep in balcony and other type keep in bathroom. After every 7 days interchange the trees.
  4. Some plant  remain well in very low heat . Choose those trees to keep in bathrooms.
  5. Plants of bathroom  do not keep in the extreme sun light rather keep it in light sunny place or balcony when keep them outside.
  6. Since the temperature of bathroom in low and weather  is humid so it is not necessary to provide water to tree every day. After every two days of if you found that the mud became dryer only then you can provide water.
  7. You can use organic fertilizers for plants of bathroom. You  can also give small amounts of urea .Chemical tablets also can be given.
  8. You can create fertilization for plant at home . Give the soil one third of a bucket . Then mix the soil with vegetables or waste parts of  fruits and cover it for a month. After a month you will find compost. Now normal soil and this compost with same ratio you can provide to the tree.
  9. The trees are not easily broken in bathroom . If any leaf destroyed , then it is better to remove and throw it from bathroom.
  10. Keep the plant away from dirt.
  11. It is better to keep the plant in ceramics  containers . Earthen pot may damp due to environment and in that   algae may arise.
  12. If you keep  artificial trees in the bathroom then it also should be cleaned after every 15 days.

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