18 Golden Rules for Better Sleep

In this short article, we would like to set out golden rules for better sleep. These tips will help you a lot to get better sleep. Here are the rules that are given below:

Golden rules for better sleep

1. Regular hours for getting up and going to bed will give you better sleep by night and more vigor by day.

2. Regular early rising helps to ensure that you regularly fall asleep early.

3. Remember that visions, voices, and bodily jerks are the normal events of falling asleep.

4. Although our bodies work very differently in orthodox and paradoxical sleep, we cannot influence how much of which kind of sleep we get. The brain will look after its own needs without our help.

5. Don’t give any credence to the mistaken belief that if you don’t dream, you will go out of your mind. We all dream every night, though mostly we forget our dreams on waking.

6. Don’t be overanxious about your child if he has night-terrors or nightmares or sleep-walks. He can be expected to grow out of it fairly soon; he will remember nothing of these events in the morning, and it is only you who are distressed.

If there are obvious daytime sources of worry, then even if they cannot be resolved immediately, they are probably going to right themselves with time.

If you have had dreams or sleep-walk, think of alcohol or drugs as a possible cause. Whether for child or adult, simple precautions against injury are worth taking.

7. If you have lost sleep, be reassured by the fact that sleep is an excellent self-regulating system. You will get sleep if you really need it.18 Golden Rules for Better Sleep

8. If you do not get as much sleep as you would like, the consequence will be less serious than your worst fears.

However, you may be more irritable than usual, and so may your partner or close family when they are tired, too.

To avoid making matters worse, we all have to try and be relaxed and tolerant with each other, and to make allowances for the ill-temper bad sleep can cause.

9. Monotony, warmth, and satisfaction of basic need tend to send us off to sleep quicker than their opposites.

10. For better sleep and your general health and well-being, take plenty of regular daytime exercise. But if you are taking up an activity for the first time, take it easy to begin with.

11. Before buying expensive luxury items for your home, think first whether the money could be better spent on a new bed with a firm sprung base and mattress is definitely a worthwhile investment.

12. If you smoke and your sleep is bad, give up smoking’ and whether you smoke or not, don’t drink coffee, tea, or cola drink slate in the evening.

13. Never take slimming pills.

14. Never use alcohol to get you to sleep.

15. If your family doctor agrees that you should use sleeping pills to help you get back into what you feel is a natural pattern of sleep after a crisis in your life, try not to take them for more than two or three nights successively.

The more modern benzodiazepines are the pills of choice in these circumstances. The best are those that do not build up in the body with repeated intake.

16. Avoid being underweight or severely overweight. And if you are on or somewhat above your ideal weight, consider, before commencing a weight-reducing diet, which is more important to you; good sleep or a fashionable figure.

For when you lose weight you will probably lose sleep also. Being a little on the chubby side does no harm, and in fact, you may feel happier and sleep better like this if you are leaner.

17. Take your meals at regular times, not super early one day and late the next. If you are accustomed to eating in the evening, let it be food that is easily digestible.

Proprietary malted food drinks fall into this category and do seem to be effective in promoting good sleep.

18. Finally, be satisfied with yourself as you are, accepting your failures in life, your minor disabilities, and that you perhaps feel you do not sleep as much as you would like.

We realize that to urge you to throw off your worries and the problems of life is a counsel of perfection, but we at least would like to feel that through this article we may have relieved some of your worries about sleep itself and that as a result, you will indeed get a better night’s sleep.

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