Advantages and Disadvantages of Democratic Leadership

Democratic leadership it is also known as participative leadership. In this process every member of an organization or association can take part to select their leader. This is the best process to select a leader.

But still there are some problem in democratic leadership so, here we discuss about some major advantages and disadvantages of democratic leadership below:

Advantages of Democratic Leadership

Democratic leaders enjoys following advantages:

  1. Participation to decision making: Workers or subordinates are consulted or participate in the decision making process hence feel satisfied.
  2. Increase production: Ā Workers are aware of what is happening in the organization and thus they take interest in producing more and more.
  3. Utilization of capabilities: Subordinates get full opportunity to utilize their capabilities.

Advantages of Democratic Leadership

Disadvantages of Democratic Leadership

Power is not centralized so, the leader suffers from the following drawback.

  1. Delay in decision making: Decisions making and implementation are delayed as compared to, autocratic leadership because under this style more than one person are involved in decision making process.
  2. Less competent: As authority is decentralized, less competent executives cannot be used.

Disadvantages of Democratic Leadership

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