Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

In the year of 2014 there were 2.92 billion internet users worldwide where 7.125 billion is the world’s population. The number of user tell the story of internet who much popular it is. This is popular because of its unlimited advantages. Yes advantages of internet are unlimited but you know there are some disadvantages. Here we discuss about some most important and common advantages and disadvantages of internet.

Advantages and disadvantages of internet

Now days we can’t even think a single day without internet in our life. It makes our life easy and easier day by day.

Advantages of internet

Advancement of communication

The internet is one of the greatest inventions of human being. It is mainly invented for communication and now a day’s advancement of communication is the biggest advantage of internet. The internet changes the way of communication dramatically. Communication is now faster, safer, cheaper, and easier than ever because of the internet. A statistic says that in December 2015, 3,366 million people use the internet which is the 46.4% of world population are using the internet (still growing the number) and most of them are using the internet for communication. From this statistic we can measure the popularity of the service.

Availability of information

Just imagine the scenario of 10 years back. You need some information about the Australia visitor visa you can have this information through a phone call, but you don’t have the number of embassies. What you will do now? You must go there or you may call someone who may have the number, but this is bit difficult. Now come to the present age find some information whatever it is just a matter of few clicks. These types of facility make our life easier than ever. So, this is the greatest advantages of internet.

Global audience

No matter who are you, are you a businessman, student, teacher, journalist, scientist, researcher, photographer or whatever you are. You may need to express your idea and opinion with others. If you want to draw attention of the world this is not as hard as it was. You need not to do any press conference, need not to go to the newspaper office. Now days this is just in your hand, if you can use the internet because internet enjoy a global audience. If you have a website or email or a social media account and share your information in www (World Wide Web) audience will be global. You can share your information entire the world with a click.

Nonstop 24/7

The internet never switched off it is open every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year. It never shutdown from its begging and never will be. Every website of internet (World Wide Web) is stored on a web server and that server never shut down. It may stop for a few moments if there any problem. A good hosting company provides 99.99% server uptime that means few minutes in a year. So, you can sell your product or service 24/7 throughout the world no matter is it day or night. These special fetchers of the internet allow you to work, browse internet, distribute information, and collect data nonstop 24/7.

Immediate distribution of information

You can distribute information immediately any time anywhere likes: any type’s circular, important news, email, and may more.

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Advantages of Internet

Less expensive

Internet is the less expensive communication media then others in today’s world. You need to pay for phone call, cell call, fax and mail. But in internet you just take a package and you can do everything.

Feedback from client

World Wide Web is the easiest way to get quick feedback from your customer which is really very difficult in other media. You just install a script in your website to get this feedback or for comment. Which you help you to improve your service or product. I think this is the only way in which people send feedback fluently there is no other way like this.


The internet is really making deference in youth and unemployed person. Unemployment is the greatest problem of today’s world, especially in youth. If you are unemployed and you have some skill in any specific field you might get a freelance job though internet. On the other hand, if you need a perfect employee to do some job for you contractually or monthly basis but you can’t afford an office. No problem a huge community waits for you in the internet to do your job as you aspect. It means internet solve the problem of employee and employer. There are lots of authentic website where you can post your job and you can hire someone for a month or for a specific job as well. At the same time if you are looking for a job, go to that website you will find a job. Outsourcing is really making deference in job and career field. People now a day’s accepting freelance outsourcing as their career and there are lots of success stories. Some world’s leading outsourcing website links are as follows:

Online job portal

World Wide Web is the great source of job advertisement. Years ago still now we search job in newspaper that is very difficult to find proper circular and easy to lose. But in internet you will find all job circular in a particular website and you can search job by category also can apply through internet. Some website link of popular job portal

Online newspaper

There are large numbers of online newspaper based on internet they don’t publish hard copy. And most of the popular newspapers have their online version. You can go their website and reed they without buying hand copy.

Online training

Many training institute start their online training program for distance learner. This is very helpful for trainer and trainee. There also some website who provide tutorial and instruction like W3Schools Online Web Tutorials.

Online money transfer

Online money transfer is the most important advantages of internet and this is very much popular now. PayPal is the most famous worldwide online money transfer survive and there are many more.

Result in online

People can get any types of result in their home through World Wide Web like A level, O level, job examination result and many more.


Internet is full of entertainment. This is most important reason for success of internet. You can download audio song, video song, movie trailer, full movie and various types of games also can play game online. There is large number of website which based on celebrity information and celebrities are using internet to connect fan by facebook page or twitter.

Social Networking

Can you imagine you life without facebook or twitter I think you can’t because it become a part of our life. Really this is not possible to connect every friend every day but these social networking sites make it possible. Some other social networking site work for who are single.

Access to service

This is very common today that we buying movie ticket, paying utility bill, paying tax and book a hotel room. It can’t be happened without internet. What you think this is not advantages of internet.

E-commerce / Shopping

You need not to go to market for anything but market will come in your home. Just visit the website and order a product what you want, it will be in your home and pay after getting product. This is the main slogan of an ecommerce site. Amazon and Alibaba is the world famous e-commerce website. Lets see some advantages of e-commerce.

Downloading Software

Internet is the largest source of software. You will find numbers of website from where you can download software what you need. They have a large collection of software. Some website link to download software

Educational resource

The internet is the greatest source of education really I mean it. There is no other rich thing like internet in this world for educational resource. All of the libraries on this planet together can’t compete the internet and tons of resources are increasing day by day. You know many people are taking blogging as a profession they are creating a large number of articles every day for their website. They’re also some web based blogging company with huge investment they are also creating tons of content every minute in various categories. You will find every type of content, whatever you want. The internet is the endless resource for educational content. Current time internet becomes the essential part of education. Most of the website of educational resources is free and some of them are paid. You just search in google for your topic you will find thousands of options to read or justify.

Low cost marketing

Marketing is the major cost of a business organization. Advertisement cost of newspaper and television are really very high. But marketing cost of internet relatively low and affordable. There are many way of internet marketing like Google adwords, Facebook, Twitter and many more.

Online survey

Online survey is another important advantage of internet. A business organization can survey their service or product through internet.

Online chat

This is the most famous service which is providing through internet. Without internet it is not possible. Now a day’s people use online chat more than any other communicating process.


Do you know 2.5 billion people use email worldwide (In the year of 2014)? This number tells everything how much essential and popular e-mail is. And email popular for its advantages.

File Sharing
There is various ways to share small and big file. You can share any types of file with your friends and family. Many people use internet to store their file so, that they can use it anywhere and anytime. File storing facility is also important advantages of internet.

Earn money
You can earn money through internet. OdeskFreelancerRent a Coder are the famous outsourcing website where you find job. Even you can do an online business. There are lots of website who providing the information about online business.

Promote your product
Most of companies even largest of world use a facebook page to promote their product do you why because this is effective, less expensive, and quick.

Increased News Cycles Speed
A news in internet spread rapidly than other media. Because when news published visitor share that news in their social media account.

Powerful search engines

Finding something whatever it is like news, educational resource, music, video and image nothing difficult because there are some powerful search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more.

Availability of research report

You can easily reach a research libraries form home thorough internet. You should not go to anywhere to find your research report. This is great advantages of internet.

Resource on almost every subject

You can think that this is the rare topic it might not be in internet. But believe me you will find everything, whatever it is any information in any subject.

Question and answer

Many website are established for question answer like yahoo answers. Visitor can submit a question and another make answer of it.

Distribute Product Catalogs

Like other product / service marketing you can distribute your product catalog easily and quickly.

Discussion Forums

You can discuss anything in a discuss forums. There are many discuss forum in various topic in internet.


Internet is largest collection of book. You can read, buy and download a book from this huge collection. To read or buy a book you need not to go libraries, you can get it in both format softcopy and hardcopy.

Disadvantages of Internet

Theft of personal information

This is not very rare in internet that someone theft his / her personal information. If you use internet for social media and personal banking your personal information is in danger.


You must familiar with spam mail and agree with me that this is most annoying. Spamming is the most annoying disadvantages of internet.

Virus threat

Anytime you can be virus affected without any notice if you download any file or visit effected website. This is the dangerous disadvantages of internet.


Yes internet is full of useful information but here is also large number of website which has a huge collection of pornography.


Your email, social account, website, can be hijacked by hacker. Some time it can be happen for easy and common password and may be for sharing information.

Advantages and disadvantages of internet

Disadvantages of internet

Wrong information

There are some website where anyone can easily publish an article. And all writers are not expert so, you can be provided wrong information.

Confusion to choose correct information

When you search for an information search engine will provide you quantity number of information. Sometime in can be confusing.

Internet addiction

This is controversy but some young people really west huge time in internet like addicted. It affects their study, health, and social life.

Age inappropriate Content

Internet has no restriction to enter any website so; child can go to inappropriate website. And you know there are lots of child inappropriate website.

Negative effects on family communication

Most of the time young boys and girls busy with their cell phone, tab or laptop so, he / she don’t get enough time to spend with his brother, sister, father and mother. It has negative effects on family communication.


Yes this is true that facebook and twitter virtually connect us in a social media but in real world we are getting alone day by day.

Web Crime

Internet unlimitedly helps people for any purpose like this criminal can use internet. And sometime internet is most helpful to a criminal.

Face to face communications are endangered

In the era of facebook and twitter people are engaged virtually so, face to face communication are in danger.

Time waster

Most of the young people use internet only for social networking site, downloading songs and games, it’s a waste of time and it can be harmful to their career. It also hampering their study and health.

“Cheater” sites:

Some fraud open website to spread out their business in internet and many people are cheated by them.

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