Advantages of Overcoming the Problems of SHRM

Means to overcome the problems of strategic human resource management (SHRM) is manifold. These means may be divided into eight important types. All these advantages of overcoming the problems of SHRM (Strategic Human Resource Management) are given below:

Advantages of Overcoming the Problems of SHRM

  1. Effective Human resource planning: Organizational success largely depends on the human aspects. For effective human resource, planning is a factor for the organizational development. SHRM deals with the strategic planning activities in an organization and there is an emergence of skilled human resource. We are a densely populated country. Most of our people are unskilled and semi-s killed and the problems occurred when there is huge- lacking of efficient human resource. The only solution to solve these SHRM problems in our country is to develop our human resources.
  2. Proper establishment: SHRM is very important means of all types of organization for Increasing the effectiveness of the organization. For this reason it is very necessary to establish SHRM in all types of organizations. Without it, organizations can not achieve their goals. So it is important to take necessary steps to establish proper SHRM in an organization.
  3. Long time job as HR manager: When HR manager will remain in the same position for a long time, his experience in this area will grow rich and richer. Therefore tenure of HR managers should be increased.
  4. Possibility of career planning and program: To overcome the problem of SHRM in Bangladesh, the HR practitioner should properly plan and take program for the effective career management. The HR office should also help the HR personnel to take proper plan and program for effective career management. If HR personnel have the fixed career goals, they will develop the activities of HR department, which will ensure proper and sound SHRM practices in Bangladesh.

    Advantages of Overcoming the Problems of SHRM
    Advantages of Overcoming the Problems of SHRM
  5. Positive relations between labor and management: One of the important and effective means to overcome the problems of SHRM in Bangladesh is to create and maintain a positive relationship between labor and management The major problem in our country that hampers the SHRM practice of organization is the perpetual conflict between labor and management. So by developing better relationship between labor and management in the organization, the problem of SHRM in Bangladesh can be removed.
  6. Proper job evaluation: Job evaluation is the method of evaluating a job on the basis of different factors. For the success of an organization, proper job evaluation is mandatory. For overcoming the problems of SHRM in Bangladesh, proper job evaluation is a must for any organization .By this way jobs can be measured.
  7. Highly professional  managementTo  overcome  the problems,  highly professional management is vital in Bangladesh. In our country, managers are not filly involved in management practice. So managers should take interest for professional involvement to overcome the problem of SHRM in Bangladesh.
  8. Ability of Skilled HR Manager: A manager in any department has some supreme power and authority to operate his/her departmental activities. In HR department, the importance of skilled manager is crucial. He/she can change the organization by the supervision of his own with his/her subordinates. The HR skilled manager can set — up effective policies and procedures for starting a good strategic HR practice in an organization. So, efficient HR manager is one of the best solutions to overcome the problems of SHRM in Bangladesh.

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