Aims and objectives of training and development

Objectives of training and development may be manifold. The objectives may be from employee’s / manager’s side or from the organizations side.

Whatever may be the sources of objectives, following points may highlight the same:

Objectives of training and development

  1. Induce new employees: Induce employee is the main aim of training and this is the most essential for a company.
  2. Gain knowledge on new method: Training and development help to gain knowledge on new method.
  3. Obtain knowledge on company policy: Employee should have sufficient knowledge about company policy for best performance. Training and development help employee to obtain knowledge on company policy.
  4. Earn knowledge on customer relations: Gather information about customer relations is the major objectives of training and development.aims_and_objectives_of_training_and_development
  5. Change attitude: It help to change attitude so, that an employee can give their best to organization.
  6. Ensure personal growth: Training and development give an employee everything which needed to be a good professional. And when he becomes a good employee it ensures his personal growth.
  7. Ensure ensuring loyalty:  Aim of training and development is to make a employee loyal to his / her company.
  8. Reduce labor turnover: Another objectives of training and development is to reduce labor turnover.
  9. Increase productivity: Training develop a person’s skill to professional level so, it is easy to say obviously training and development process increase productivity.
  10. Improve quality: Improve quality of employee is the main objective of training and development.
  11. Help company to fulfill future growth: Growth of a company depends on their employee. So, development process helps the company to fulfill future growth.
  12. Improve organizational climate: Improving organizational climate is the greatest objective of training and development.
  13. Improve health care: Without good health employee can’t serve properly to his / her company. So, training and development improve health care.
  14. Prevent obsolesce: Prevent obsolesce is one the most important objectives of training and development.
  15. Change behavior: Training and development has a great impact on employee behavior. It polishes employee’s behavior so, that he/she can fit with internal and external environment.

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