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Ansar and Village Defence Party (Ansar-VDP) was planned aiming at giving leadership in overall socio-economic development and social welfare activities, assisting the para-military forces in ensuring the security of the country and co-operation with the law enforcing agencies and Bangladesh Rifles in maintaining law and order within the country and standing by the people at times of natural catastrophes. General information about Ansar VDP Unnayan Bank are given below:

Ansar VDP Unnayan Bank

This organization consists of fort five lakhs fifty tow thousand of male and female members. This largest, disciplined and well-organized vast voluntary force maintains in each village a team of 64 members with equal numbers of male and female hailing from low, law middle, and pledge to build up self-dependent Bangladesh.

With a view to alleviating poverty among the members of Ansar and VDP organization by making them self-dependent through creation of self-employment, by providing credit in the income generating projects undertaken by them or by the members of their family, “Ansar VDP Unnayan Bank (Official website)” has been established in 1996 under “Ansar VDP Unnayan Bank” Act 1995 (Act 21 of 1995).

This Bank is a specialized, exceptional and statutory body under the control of the Government.

Capital Structure

The amount of authorized Capital of this Bank Taka 100 crore has been divided into one crore share of Taka 100/- each. Out of initially Paid-up Capital, Taka 10 crore being 25% of the total has been purchased by the Government.

The remaining 75% shares have been purchased exclusively by the members of Ansar and VDP, officers and staff of the organization and the officers and staff of the “Ansar VDP Unnayan Bank”. These shares are only transferable among themselves.

Eligibility to purchase share

The male/female members of the organization duly certified and attested by the concerned controlling officer of the Ansar and VDP organization, all officers and staff of the organization and the Ansar VDP Unnayan Bank will be eligible to purchase shares.

Extension of Credit

With the sole purpose of their overall socio-economic development by making them self-reliant and self dependent through alleviation poverty and creating self-employment of this vast number of members of Ansar and VDP organization, the Bank has, by this time, introduced Micro-Credit without collateral security.

Under this programme the Bank has at present advanced micro-credit to 60 types of projects so far identified by the bank, of which the major projects are Beef-goat fattening, Poultry, Fishery Hatchery, Nursery, Pottery, Handicraft, Grocery Shop, Sewing machine, Cottage Industry, Engineering Workshop, Book Binding, Sweetmeat Shop, Saloon, Bakery, Photo Studio etc.

Eligibility to obtain Credit

Any member (male or female) who has purchased at least one share of Taka 100/- value will acquire the primary eligibility to obtain laon. But loan will be given only when the terms and conditions as laid down in Loan Rules (Loan Manual) have been fulfilled and the applicant for loan has been found eligible after and on-the-spot verification.

A maximum of Taka 15,000/- will be advanced as loan without any equity and collateral security to the share holders (male and female) of this Bank on 60 identified rural economy based income generation, vocational and self-employment projects stated above under the following terms and conditions:

  • Five share holders of male and female members willing to obtain loan will be formed into a group.
  • Members to the group shall have to be permanently residing in the house erected on their own lands in the same village, Para or Mahalla.
  • Male and female members shall form group separately. Not more than one member of a family will be allowed in a group. Family shall mean joint family.
  • Formation of group should be according to loan-giving principles of the bank under the overall responsibility and supervision of the Bank Manager or authorizes bank officer.
  • All members male/female of a group shall have to be literate should belong to the same age group or of the same age, trustworthy, like-minded and sympathetic to each other.
  • More than one group existing side by side (not exceeding 10 groups) shall have to form a “Centre” at a convenient present in the “Weekly Centre Meeting” regularly and sign the attendance register maintained in the centre. Besides, the centre-chief shall maintain the proceedings of the centre meeting duly written on a “Resolution Register”.
  • He who receives loan under certain head shall possess real experience or vocational knowledge in that matter.
  • On condition of fulfilling the terms and conditions of “Loan Principles” preference will be given to those who are trained vocationally, having their children reading in educational institutes, maximum number of children being two, and adopter of family planning device permanently and user of sanitary latrine in their houses.

Disbursement of Loan

Loan is disburse, followed up and recovered through 72 branches of the bank at present operation all over the country.

Rate of interest of the loan and procedure for repayment

Loan will bear simple interest @ 16% and service charge @ 4% annually. Loan with interest and service charge is repayable on weekly basis, within a period of one year divided into 50 equal installments.

This bank has been rendering tremendous service for the economic emancipation of low income group service holders.

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