Application Services in Internet TCP/IP Protocol Suite

Numerous application services have been developed for the internet TCP/IP protocol suite. The most popular internet applications are e-mail, browsing the sites on the World Wide Web, and participating in special internet newsgroups.

The figure illustrates the layering structure of the TCP/TP protocol suite to include a few of the application services included in the protocol suite. The popular TCP/IP protocols are described below.

Application services in internet TCP/IP protocol suite

1. HTTP (hypertext Transport Protocol): The WWW organizes internet-related resources for multimedia information, education, entertainment, electronic commerce, etc. The HTTP conveys information between a Web browser and a Web Server.

2. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol): E-mail is the process of exchanging messages and files among millions of internet users; SMTP is used for e-mails on the internet.

3. FTP (File Transfer Protocol): FTP is an internet tool for transferring data files, programs, reports, articles, magazines, books, pictures, sounds, and other types of files from thousands of sources. The process of transferring a file from a network computer to the user’s computer is called downloading and the reverse process is known as uploading.application_services_in_internet_tcpip_protocol_suite

4. TELNET: It provides remote terminal access to internet hosts. With this software tool, one can log on to and use thousands of internet computers around the world.

5. POP (Post Office Protocol): It enables PC users to access mail from a mail server.

6. SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol): It provides the exchange of information for the management of a network itself.

7. Other Applications: Internet Relay Chat for real-time text conversations with intentioned users, long-distance phone calls at nominal costs, desktop video-conferencing, listening to radio programs, watching television, enjoying films and games, exploring listening to radio programs, watching television, enjoying films and games, exploring the virtual world, etc.

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