10 Easiest and Best Ways to Reduce weight in Just 10 days

To get rid of excess weight many people stopped eating and drinking. As a result, lack of nutrition many have suffered from many different health problems.  Many others admitted in the gym with the money, but regular exercise is not possible due to their idleness.
Thus weight is not reduced. Many are passing their days with the anxiety for obesity and overweight. Let’s get to know the 10 best ways to reduce weight in just 10 days.
Is weight reduction a very difficult task? What do you think? Many people think that   weight loss is the toughest task in the world. But this is not true actually. There is some easy steps through which you can lose at least 2/3 Kilo Gram from your total weight.

10 best ways to reduce weight in just 10 days

  1. At least two days in a week it is necessary to exercise around 30 with full concentration.
  2. Stay away 100 hands from Cakes, Pastry, Chocolate, Cold drinks, juice of sugar, sweet.
  3. Limit the intake of salt in daily life.  Do not eat salt separately with rice.
  4. Do not eat any foods with carbohydrates after 8 PM.
  5. Do not use  potatoes in cooking. Potato contains carbohydrates.  If you love milk then take it cream free do not drink milk with full cream.  

    10 best ways to reduce weight

    10 best ways to reduce weight

  6. More than 1 teaspoon of oil  per day cannot be eaten in any way. Use olive oil for cooking instead of others.
  7. Take at least half kilo gram of fruits and half kilo gram of vegetables every day.
  8. Drink fresh water at least 8 glass in a day.
  9. Sound sleep is necessary and sleep 8 hours daily at night.
  10. After every meals take a cup of green tea without sugar and milk. Green tea is very effective to keep you slim and for fresh look. 

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