Various Causes of Stress in Industries

There are several reasons for stress in the Bangladesh industries. Some of the causes of stress in industries are described below:

Causes of stress in industries

1. Poor Compensation Packages: Compensation packages for the worker in our country are very poor. They do not get what they deserve for their work. Their low salary & wages create stress among them.

2. Inappropriate Working Environment: The working environment for employees is not good at all. There is a lack of ventilation system, drinking water is not pure, and lack of space, lack of canteen facilities, etc. will cause stress among the employees.

3. Lack of Job Security: Jobs of our employees are not secured. The fear of being sacked always put pressure on their mind. This ultimately causes stress among the employees.

4. Lack of Incentives: Companies are not providing enough incentives to the employees. Lack of incentives causes a lack of motivation which increases the level of stress.

5. Huge Work  PressureThe pressure of work is huge among the employees. They have to work almost 80 hours a week. They cannot enjoy Government holidays or in some cases even maternity leave. So the huge pressure of work causes the stress of the workers.

6. Lack of Technological Knowledge: Most of our employees are unskilled. They do not have sufficient knowledge about any particular machine or equipment. They fail to get optimum output from the machines. This causes pressure among the employees and increases the level of stress.

Causes of Stress in Industries
Causes of Stress in Industries

7. Poor Relationship between Management & EmployeesThe relationship between management and employees is not good. Management always creates unnecessary pressure on employees. This type of pressure causes and increases the level of stress among the employees.

8. Poor Working Relationship among Workers: The workers lack harmony among themselves. The mutual relationships are not good. This poor relationship causes stress among employees.

9. Lack of Cooperation: Lack of cooperation can occur for two causes below:

  • a) With Management: The management does not cooperate with the employees which ultimately causes stress.
  • b) With Employees: Employees also do not cooperate with each other. This can also increase the causes of stress among the employees.

10. Lack of Trade-off between Work & Family Life: Workers cannot make a balance between their work and family life. They spend less time at home and more in the workplace. This situation increases the level of stress among the employees.

11. Cultural Shock: Cultural shock sometimes increases the level of stress among the employees. It describes the gap between expectations arid reality.

12. Lack of Integration between Organization & Trade Union: The organization always tends to protect the trade union and want to exercise power over the employees. So there is a difference in understanding between the organization and trade union.

13. Inappropriate Placement of Workers: Most of the workers are not placed in appropriate places. They fail to explore their potentials. Right people not in the right place cause stress among the employees.

These are some of the reasons that cause stress in the Bangladesh industries. Ultimately it decreases productivity which is a great loss for our country.

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