Nature and Characteristics of a Good Leader

Every one who want to be a good leader they should know the nature and characteristics of a good leader cause this is the key way to be a good leader.

So here we give some very important nature and characteristics of a good leader as follows:

Characteristics of a good leader

  1. They are self connived. They want to think for themselves first.
  2. They ate not honest enough.
  3. Most of the leaders are not skilled but they don’t disciples it.
  4. They are not open to his or her subordinates
  5. They are not willing to make decision in democratic fashion
  6. They are not willing to make follower.
  7. They act like an autocratic leader.
  8. They want to take all the credit of the success.
  9. Educational qualification is not so high. So they don’t absence to give any personal drive.


    Characteristics of a good Leader

  10. Personal integrity and accountability.
  11. They are too much flexible to some follower without any reasons.
  12. Giving reward and punishment towards the subordinates in not properly distributed or clear.
  13. In Bangladesh most of the leaders are not adaptive with the change environment.
  14. They have lack of self-confidence.

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