Chronological Events of Microprocessor (1971-2000)

Can you think of a day without a computer? I think 100% of people might say that no who use a computer regularly for various purpose. Obviously, I can say that computer was not much smart like it is now. We know that processor is the most important and main part of a computer. When microprocessors came into action computers start to be smaller. From the beginning of the computer, history microprocessors are rising its capability. So, here are some important chronological events of the microprocessor:

Chronological events of microprocessor

  1. 1971 First Microprocessor (Intel 4004)
  2. 1972 first 8-bit Microprocessor (Intel 8008)
  3. 1975 First Microcomputer (Altair 8800)
  4. 1977 Apple II Computer, Microsoft Corporation Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.
  5. 1978 Intel 16-bit Microprocessor (Intel 8086)
  6. 1979 Motorola 16-bit Microprocessor (M 68000)
  7. 1981 IBM PC Introduced
  8. 1983 IBM PC XT
  9. 1984 Apple Macintosh
  10. 1988 First Computer Virus
  11. 1990 Microsoft Introduced Windows 3.0
  12. 1992 First 64-bit RISC Microprocessor (Alpha)
  13. 1993 Intel Pentium Microprocessor
  14. 1994 300 MHz, 64-bit RISC Processor (Alpha)
  15. 1996 Intel Pentium Pro Microprocessor
  16. 1997 500 MHz Alpha 2114 RISK Processor
  17. 1998 Intel Pentium II
  18. 1999 Intel Pentium III
  19. 2000 Intel Pentium IV
Chronological events of microprocessor
Chronological events of microprocessor

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