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Letters of complaints can be of two types 1st one is Personal and second is Social. If you bought a product from the market which turns out to a defective a complaint concerning it would be personal. Here we provide all types of complaint letter sample.

On the other hand, if a complaint is guided by the municipal authorities concerning the general sewerage system, it would be social. Whatever be the nature of the complaint. The main purpose of the complaint is to seek a remedy.

For this purpose, the letter should be very clear.

A letter of complaint can be divided into 4 parts-

  1. At the very beginning mention the specific complaints.
  2. In the second part suggest some ways of remedies.
  3. In the third part, make a request for carrying out the remedial measures.
  4. At the end, express thanks/gratitude.

Complaint letter sample for over-billing of power/Phone:

Dear Sir,

I am quite surprised to receive such a heavy bill for domestic power consumed by me during the last two months. It was not possible for me to have used much of power. As during that period I was out of the station with my family for more than a month and the house was locked. Moreover, the power consumption has always been low and has never received a bill for more than Tk 200/- (Tow hundred only). In this regard, if necessary you may check it from the earlier record.

Therefore, you are requested to check the matter and send me the amended bill for payment.

Sincerely yours
Md. Saiful Alam

Complaint letter format for lost luggage to railway

Dear Sir,

This is to report that I had booked some goods from Chittagong to Dhaka in the brake van of Tista Express that left Chittagong on January 28. 2002 at 10 P.M (Booking receipt No. 4031). But unfortunately, I failed to receive goods at Dhaka Station.

I would be highly obliged if you take prompt necessary action in this regard.

Muzibur Rahman

Complaint Letter sample on education matters

It is very usual to maintain correspondence between teachers and parents of the children for enhancing their relationship with one another.

Such correspondence helps to lessen the absence of the child from school. However, other affairs concerning educational problem can also be included.

  • Getting a certificate (character, transfer certificate)
  • Complaint on a lack of facilities in the school.
  • Inquiries about child’s progress in his/her studies
  • The teacher reply.

Letter of school for certificate:

  1. Start your letter by giving reasons for asking for the certificate.
  2. Request for certificate itself.
  3. Inform if the certificate is required by a fixed date.
  4. Express thanks at last.

Dear Sir,

You will be pleased to know that my Rajib, who has passed his higher secondary from your college this year. I would like to send him abroad for higher studies. In this regard, a character certificate is required to enclose with such an application.

Kindly arrange to issue the certificate within 7 days which will help to resolve his admission procedures.

Sincerely yours,
Shariful Hasan

Complaint letter example to Headmaster

Dear Sir,

I feel very sorry to learn from my son about the attitude of some of your teacher toward students. I have also been informed that in the course of one-month physics teacher has been changed thrice. As a result, the studies have suffered badly. For the last few days, the school bus has been arriving half an hour late my son always misses his first class. I also notice that the school canteen is fully lacked hygiene. With files hovering over the foods.

I hope you will take prompt and necessary action for the solution of basic/fundamental problems.

With best regards-
Sincerely yours.

Iqbal Muhammad

Complaint Letter Sample

Complaint Letter Sample

Complaint letter template from teacher to parents regarding student’s progress:

This letter can be written by the teacher spontaneously or she/he can do so in reply of parents.

The following points should bear in mind for preparation for such type of letter-

  • Begin the letter positively.
  • Now, apprise about the student’s progress in the study.
  • Some other matters relating to the student can also be mentioned.
  • Give suggestions for the improvement of the student.
  • Suggestions regarding student’s behavior may also be provided.
  • The letter can be closed with the expression of hope.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter enquiring about your son, Rajib’s progress. He is certainly an intelligent boy, but he remains inattentive in the class. Just a little more care on his part will improve the quality of his work considerably. If you need more information about your son’s progress you are most welcome to call on me. However, there is no need to worry. I am that he will improve soon.

With best regards-
You’re faithfully

Faisal Ahamed
Assistant Professor

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