Compliment letter sample, example and format

compliment letter has a great impact to inspire on the other hand we should give a compliment on their good job. Though compliment letter has a variety of uses here we mention some major compliment letter sample.

Many people in urban and rural America depend on mass transit drivers and conductors to get to and from work, shopping centers, or other locations.These individuals tend to be anonymous until they do something to irritate or impress riders.

If you have been treated unusually well or ill by transit personnel, write a letter to the district supervisor of your city or regional transportation authority.The reference librarian can help you to locate the name and address of the appropriate individual to write.

In your letter, mention the driver’s or conductor’s name or badge number (if known), the bus or train number, and the route, date, and time in which the incident happened. Although the model letter below is complimentary, a complaint letter would follow the same format.

Compliment letter sample for bus driver

April 11, 2016


Mr. Maxwell Daley
District Supervisor
Regional Transportation Authority
1011 South Holland
Kansas City, KS 66101


Dear Mr. Daley:

I would like to commend the actions of one of your north suburban bus drivers, Yolanda Huff, for her kindness to me last Thursday, March 8, when I was riding on her route.

I am 78 years old and suffer from high blood pressure. In visiting my doctor, I take the #212 bus, which goes from Davis Avenue to North Court Plaza in Prairie Village. About halfway there, I began to feel dizzy and asked the driver to let me off at a restaurant where I could call my daughter.

The next thing I knew I was lying on the floor of the bus and Ms. Huff was wiping my forehead with a damp cloth and offering me a glass of water. I had fainted, and she had quickly pulled into the parking lot of a Baskin-Robbins store to call for help. She waited until the paramedics arrived to take me to the doctor’s hospital.

In a time when many bus drivers ignore us older folks and even seem to enjoy making it hard for us to get up the steps, I was touched by Ms. Huss’s solicitude. She may have been a minute or two late arriving at North Court Plaza, but she made a frightening experience a lot less so. I thank her, and I thank you for hiring such a caring, competent driver.

Mr. Anwar Youkanha

Compliment letter sample, example and format
Compliment letter sample


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