Declaration of the Borrower Sample

Declaration of the borrower is the most important thing for any types of loan. It help both party to secure the deal. It may use in personal or organizational loan. Declaration of the borrower sample are given below: it will clear the concept of declaration of the borrower.

Declaration of the borrower sample

  1. Name:
  2. Address:
  3. Name of Proprietor/Partners/Directors and their father’s name and present residential address.
  4. Permanent address of the Proprietor/Partners/Directors.
  5. Date of establishment.
  6. Nature of Business (in detail).
  7. Investment in the business or Paid-up capital.
  8. Movable and immovable properties (in detail) owned by the firm and/or company with valuation.
  9. Movable and immovable properties (in detail) owned by the Proprietor/partners/Directors with valuation.
  10. Allied or subsidiary concerns, if any.
  11. Their investment or paid-up capital in allied or subsidiary concern.
  12. Purpose of borrowing.
  13. Source of repayment.
  14. Amount of Income Tax paid (last year).
  15. Name of two references, either in service or in business, with full address.
  16. Name of the previous banker.
  17. Details of liability, if any, with any other bank.
  18. Brief history of to Proprietor/Managing Partner/Managing Director.

Latest balance Sheet of the company or financial statement of the firm in duplicate is enclosed.

I / We, hereby confirm that the particulars given above are true and correct.

Signature of the Borrower

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