Disadvantages of Individual Power in managerial structure

If a individual get some particular power by managerial structure on that case there must have some certain disadvantages.

Newman identifies the following disadvantages of individual power in managerial structure:

Disadvantages of individual power

  1. The formal managerial structural hierarchy puts limitations on the use of power.
  2. Favoring one person, naturally disfavoring others. It deprives them from their right. Then there is a dilemma before the individual whom to help. Here politics plays an important role in satisfying as may people as possible without seriously injuring anyone and it is an art how successful and individual can play politics.
  3. Several persons are very active in any political game and in many situations, they tend to check one another that it may not necessary be in the interest of the organization.
  4. The super ordinate organizational power controls the subordinate’s power within the organization. In an organization, a department cannot develop by itself. There are certain rules and regulations and a department is allowed to develop along with such rules. For example a production department cannot expand its activates towards selling the articles because this activate has been assigned to the sales department.
  5. In our society, some people do not use their power exclusively of positive purpose. Sometimes they misuse the power. Thus they lose public support and the public depend upon other leaders and the former.

Thus these disadvantages restrict a person from being a superman in the organization.

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