What is an Employee Transfer?

Employee transfer is the most common terms of organization as well as very important so that we will discuss here about what does mean by employee transfer.

What is mean by employee transfer

Transfer usually means changes in which the pay, status and privileges of the new posts are more or less the same as the old one. In other words, a transfer is the lateral movement of an employee to change his present work group, work place or organizational unit.

As against it, promotion means changes in which the pay, status and privileges, of new posts are higher as compared to the old.

In case of transfers, the employee moves laterally in the organization without any change of his or her status, pay or privileges.

Transfer serves a number of goals. They are used to broaden the job experiences of people forming a part of their development and to fill vacancies as they occur.

Transfers are also are also made to positions where they may get greater job satisfaction and contribute their best t the organization. Transfers are also used to keep channels of promotion open and thereby keeping people interested in the work.

There are examples, when many mid-level mangers reach a ceiling simply because there is no room for all of them at the top. Such mangers may be shifted to other positions with further scope to keep their male and motivation high.

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