Factors Affecting Hair Growth

Average hair growth is half inch every month but there are some factors which affect hair growth. The condition of hair is directly linked to the physiological well-being of our bodies. Apart form improper hair-care; there are several other factors that can be detrimental to hair. Lets know the factors affecting hair growth.

Factors affecting hair growth:

  1. Hereditary: In major case hair growth depend on hereditary matter. Genes also determine the hair color and density.
  2. Nutrition: Nutrition is one another most important factor for hair growth. There are some certain nutrition which affects hair growth they are vitamin B and iron. In absence of vitamin B and iron you may lose hair.Factors Affecting Hair Growth
  3. Exercise: Exercise affects hair growth. There are lots of exercises for hair like Scalp Massage Exercise, Balayam Yoga (Rubbing nails), Uttanasana (Standing Forward Fold Pose) . You may do that exercise to improve your hair growth.factors-affecting-hair-growth (2)
  4. Health Issues: If anyone has any severe health issues it must affect hair growth.
  5. Chemical and drug reactions: Because of over styling and use of lots of hair product you may victim of chemical reaction. And it is the major factors which affect hair growth.
  6. Hormonal changes: Pregnancy and hormone level can affect hair growth. Consult your doctor to get rid of this problem.
  7. Birth control pills and menopause: Did you take birth control pills? Switching birth control pills or going off them may affect hair growth. Because of menopause can change hormonal level and it can affect hair growth.
  8. Emotional stress, trauma: if you go through a long stress physically like car accident, surgery or any other major physical stress it may affect hair growth. On the other hand emotional stress like divorce, death of loved one or major stress in work may cause of short time hair fall.

These factors, by and large, influence the hair condition and its proper growth. We all examine them when we discuss the hair disorders is succeeding chapters.

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