Happy Birthday Letter to Wife

Wife is a blessing for men. Give a surprise gift on her birthday and don’t miss the birthday letter with the gift. I am sure that she will be more happy not for the gift but for the birthday letter.

Here is a sample of happy birthday letter to wife. You may edit this letter.

Birthday letter to wife

Happy birthday honey!

You know I feel blessed having a wife like you. You are less of a wife and more an angel to me. You are still my dream woman.

You remember the day when we share our first kiss after that I was confirmed you will be my Mrs. In this occasion of birth anniversary I want to make a promise to you  that I will never be tired before I fulfill all of your dreams and wishes.

The day is special not only for you but also for me because there is no women in the whole world who can make me happy like you.

Giving thanks is not enough for your love, honor, sympathy and sincerity which you shown to me.

This is time to celebrate women’s birthday for who I am celebrating my life every day.

Happy birthday sweetie


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1 comment for “Happy Birthday Letter to Wife

  1. Jonson
    November 19, 2017 at 3:40 AM

    Nice letter but you should wrap a large birthday item! ha ha ha

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