Has there ever been a Man in the Moon?

Let’s find out the answer of has there ever been a man in the moon. The legend of the Man in the Moon has grown up for a very obvious reason. If you look up at the silvery disc of a full Moon on a clear night the surface features of our satellite could easily give you the impression of a face. Before the coming of space travel, many science fiction writers told of strange creatures which inhabited our neighbor. H. G.

Wells wrote a very famous story called The First Men on the Moon in which he tells of ant-like beings which he called ‘selenites’. These ‘men’ lived in the craters and caves of the Moon and would break at the slightest blow of a human first.

Has there ever been a man in the moon

The American Apollo space programme was started to find out more about the Moon. Here we see a manned spacecraft in orbit around the Moon. The Earth can be seen in the distance.

Today, space probes and manned landings on the Moon have given us new clues to its origin and history. Scientists are now almost sure that there has never been life on the Moon.

If was once  thought  that originally the Earth  had no Moon, but as  a result of a terrific explosion  the Moon was shot out into space from what  is now the Pacific ocean.

Geologists have long since discarded this idea. It now seems to be more likely that the Moon and the Earth were formed at more or less the same time, contracting from a cloud of dust and gas, as we have explained in a previous question.

Has there ever been a man in the moon

If this is true, why do they appear to be so different? The answer is one of chance. When the Moon was born it was too small (it has about one-sixth of the Earth’s gravity) to retain an atmosphere or any lighter, life-giving materials like water.

This means that the Moon is, and always has been a dry, barren waste without a life of any kind. You can see, then, that there has never been a Man in the Moon but there has already been more than one man on the Moon!

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