How do we Travel the Earth?

Being able to live in Britain and holiday in the United States of America is something that has been taken for granted for some years by those who are able to afford and air ticket. Even the least well off think nothing of seeing and hearing a jet aircraft rushing at speed of more than 800 kilometers an hour to the other side of the world. You can think that this is silly but this article is about how do we travel the earth? Let’s know more about it.

Many families in the industrial countries of Western Europe and America own some kind of motor vehicle. Even those of us who do not own a car are able to take advantage of the various forms of public transport. Traveling large distance with ease and comfort is something that has become commonplace.

The ability to travel quickly and safely has meant that people are able to work in the big cities and live in more pleasant surrounding out of town. But it is not only for our own travel that we have come to rely so heavily on transport systems.

How would our milk arrive on the doorstep each morning without them? Or how would oranges or more exotic fruit and vegetables be so readily available? Or how would people living in Europe be able to buy Japanese motorcycle or cameras?

How would children living in remote districts be able to get to school? How would farmers be able to get their produce to market? The list is almost endless.

How do we travel the earth

An open boat powered by oars and a single sail is a far cry from the fast, luxurious, ocean-going we are used to.

But travel and transport of goods have not always been so easy. It is worth remembering that it is little more than twenty years since jet aircraft were a novelty and less than a hundred years since the first motor car, a German Daimler-Benz, chugged and coughed its way out of the inventor’s workshop.

Although steam-driven railway engines were already quite common in industrialized countries in the late 1800s, it was the realization of the properties of petrol and the invention of the internal combustion engine that made the most impact.

How do we travel the earth

An old London bus.

For more than half a century, motor cars and the availability of cheap petrol have changed our way of life in industrialized countries. Fast, cheap transport has brought commodities from all over the world to our shops.

Recently, however, it has been brought to our attention very dramatically that fossil fuels are fast running out. Scientists are hurriedly trying to invent new forms of power, and in the meantime, people are beginning to return to a much older form of transport, the horse.

How do we travel the earth

A nuclear submarine may remain submerged for months. It produces all the air its crew needs.

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