How does the Osprey catch fishes

There is a large number of species of births who catch fishes and osprey are one of them. Do you know how does the Osprey catch fishes? Let’s find out the fact of how does the osprey catch fishes.

How does the Osprey catch fishes

The Osprey is a bird of prey that specializes in catching fishes. You can see this by looking at its feet. Instead of the usual bird of prey arrangement of three front toes and one rear, the Osprey has two at the front and two at the rear, all of the equal lengths.

Each toe bears a razor-sharp talon curved downwards, and underneath a patch of special spine-like scales. Both these futures enable the Osprey to grasp fishes securely, however slippery. The Osprey circles slowly over the water looking out for fishes just below the surface.

Once the prey is spotted, the Osprey hovers for a moment and then plunges downwards. Just before hitting the water it swings its feet forwards to grab the fish. It struggles for a moment to rise again and then flaps up from the surface with its prey held firmly in a vice-like grip.

How does the Osprey catch fishes

The feet of an Osprey is adapted for holding fishes. One foot is placed in front of the other on the fish’s back so that the f our toes on either side have a very secure hold. The Osprey sometimes disappears from view when it hits the water. In the United States, this bird is called the Fish Hawk.

How many young are reared?

Two eggs are usually laid by the Golden Eagles, the second within a few days of the first. One eaglet is therefore slightly bigger than the other. If food is scarce the stronger will bully the weaker of the two to the extent that it eventually dies.

The stronger bird, therefore, has a better chance of survival during the periods when its parents are unable to find much food. If food is plentiful, both eaglets survive.

How many young are reared?

(Above) The white-bellied sea Eagle lives along the coasts of south-east Asia and fees on fishes, corals and sea snakes.
(Right) This sequence shows the development of a Golden Eagle form the newly hatched eaglet (top) through the half-grown stage (middle), to the immature bird (bottom). Eaglets leave the Eyrie after ten weeks but usually stay nearby to learn the skills of hunting from their parents.

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