How many types of Bison are there?

Do you know how many types of bison are there on our earth? Let’s discuss the types of bison.

Most people know that there is a North American Bison, sometimes called the Buffalo, but there is another species which comes from Eastern Europe, the European Bison, or Wisent.

Both are enormous shaggy animals with humped backs. The American species is an animal of the open plains whereas the Europeans prefer thick woodland and forest.

Both have come close to extinction in the past but are now protected in parks and reserves in their respective countries.

How many types of Bison are there

The North American Bison was slaughtered by the thousand throughout the nineteenth century during the exploration of the American West. A number have been built up from a few hundred to the 20,000 animals of today.

What are the true Buffalo’s?

The best known true buffalo is the Asiatic Water Buffalo, which is the cattle group of mammals. This buffalo has been domesticated for hundreds of years and is the workhorse of all tropical Asia, being used for a whole range of tasks on the land.

It is an immensely strong beast with impressive horns over 6 feet in length. There are two African wild Buffalos, the common form, and a smaller and rarer forest. The African Buffalo also carries massive curved horns and lives in herds in moist swampy areas.

The dwarf Forest Buffalo is more retiring and large herds move through a thick forest without drawing much attention to them.

How many sorts of Bison are there

The Gaur (above) is the largest of the wild cattle and small herds are found in mountainous forest areas of southern Asia. Although domesticated, the Asiatic Water Buffalo (this pic) will attack anyone without provocation and can do great damage with its enormous horns.

What is Rock-Goats?

There are four species of goats that are true rock-dwellers. The Goral, Serow, Chamois, and Rocky Mountain goat are known for their remarkable ability to bound up and down steep mountainsides and cliffs.

All goats are sure-footed but rock-goats are particularly skillful climbers. They seem to defy gravity by walking along vertical cliff faces using footholds only half-an-inch wide.

How many sorts of Bison are there

Rocky Mountain Goats are found in the North American Rockies. Their coats and bread of long white hair are particularly.

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  1. Caroline Kroll
    May 7, 2017 at 11:43 AM

    is there two types of bison that live in Colarado mountains? I heard that one type run from storms, and the others on the other side of the mountain range run towards the storm.

    • rasel
      May 8, 2017 at 6:41 PM

      Oh really? I don’t hear anything like this. Can you please mention where you hear abut this?

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