How many Species of Rhino are there?

Do you know how many species of rhino are there? There are five species of rhinoceros living today, two from Africa and three from Asia. The Two African rhinoceroses and one from Asia, he Sumatran, all have two horns whereas the other two Asian species have only one.

The largest of them all is the white Rhinoceros form Africa. It stands 6 feet high at the shoulder and can weigh over 3 tons. An interesting difference between this rhino and the Black Rhinoceros, also from Africa, lies in the shape of the lips. The White Rhinoceros has a wider, square mouth, very suitable for cropping grass as it grazes across the savannah.

How many Species of Rhino are there

The head of the White Rhinoceros showing its square lips.

How many species of rhino are there

The Black Rhinoceros is more of a browser and has a pointed upper lip for grazing and plucking leaves and shoots from shrubs and bushes. The other two-horned species, the Sumatran Rhinoceros, is the smallest of them all, standing only about 4 ½ feet at the shoulder.

How many species of rhino are there?

The Black Rhinoceros head-on (above) and from the side (right)

Both the Javan and the Great Indian Rhinoceros look as if they are wearing heavy armour plating held together with rivets. This effect is given by thick skin hanging in deep folds and hard raised knobs on the front and back ends of the animals. The Great Indian Rhinoceros may weigh up to 2 tons and so is a formidable beast, but like most rhinoceroses, it is usually anxious to avoid any confrontation with man.

How many Sorts of Rhinoceros are there

The Sumatran

How many Sorts of Rhinoceros are there

The Javan and the Great Indian

All the rhinoceroses are unfortunately rare animals. They have been hunted by man for their horns for years because of the belief that magical properties are imparted to the owner.

Why does the Tapir have a White Back?

Seen in the zoo, the coloration of a Malayan Tapir looks slightly absurd. It looks very much as if it is wearing a closely fitting with coat similar to the dog coats you sometimes see worn by the pampered pets of old ladies.

To understand why such as odd-looking has such an odd-looking coloration we must consider the sort of place the tapir lives in and the sort of life that it leads. When we do this the tapir’s appearance doesn’t seem so odd after all.

Tapirs are secretive, nocturnal animals living near water, in dense tropical forests. They are quite large, about as big as donkeys although with shorter legs and being herbivorous tend to graze all night in order to find sufficient food.

By moonlight their shadowy black and white outline blends well with the background so that the tapirs are perfectly camouflaged during their nocturnal wanderings. Patterning which breaks up an animal’s shape like this is called disruptive coloration.

How many Sorts of Rhinoceros are there

Several odd-toed ungulates are shown on these pages. The coloration of the young Malayan Tapir bears little resemblance to that of its parent.

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