15 Tips for how to Increase Website Traffic

Blogger always trying to increase visitor in their blog. Actually, there is no secret that can increase your visitor overnight. This is a slow and gradual process. It depends on various things. Here I mention most important 15 topics which are essential for increase website traffic.

Tips to increase website traffic

1. Publish unique, fresh, useful, interesting content on a regular basis.
2. Submit your blog to various search engines. Here we provide the world’s top search engine. And you can add your URL by clicking the link given below: 

3. Use blogroll and update it regularly.
4. Comment on to other blogs which are similar to yours. And answer the question of your visitor.
5. Include RSS feed in your blog.
6. Use both inbound and outbound links in every post. Don’t forget about trackback.
7. Use the tags on each post.

8. Submit your posts to various social bookmarking sites.
9. To bring traffic from a search engine you should write content depending on the keyword.
10. An image has a great importance in the eye of the search engine. It also enhances the beauty of your blog.  
11. Do guest blogging and keep the opportunity for a guest blogger on your blog.
12. Forums, web rings, and stay connected to the online group community.
13. You can promote your blog by email signature and business cards.
14. Arrange period specific blogging compaction in your blog.
15. Share with various people offline.

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2 comments for “15 Tips for how to Increase Website Traffic

  1. Joseph
    May 4, 2017 at 1:23 PM

    Thanks a lot for sharing this traffic increasing tips with all people.

    Can we have a hyperlink change agreement between us?

    • rasel
      May 6, 2017 at 7:57 AM

      Sorry, Joseph, we can’t exchange hyperlink, that’s not our policy

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