How to Take Care of Your Face Skin Naturally?

Our skin is very precious and yet we take it so much for granted. We abuse and neglect it, and then we are surprised when it responds by looking dull or breaking out in spots and wrinkles. Let’s know more about how to take care of your face skin naturally.

But, with care and a little time spend on the skin, it can be preserved and improved, helping you to remain to look young. Forget the confusing and expensive array of beauty preparations you see on display to keep skin in good condition you do not have to spend a lot of money, or a lot of time.

Getting to know your skin

Skin is made up of two main layers the outer one which you see is called the epidermis, and its most important job is to seal in body moisture and to keep out impurities.

The outer cells of this layer are dead and are continuously shed but are renewed from beneath. The under layer, the dermis, feeds the epidermis. It contains nerves, blood vessels, fat cells, sebaceous glands, and hair follicles.

Basic skin care tips (Take Care of your Face)

No matter what your skin type dry, oily, or normal, there are certain rules for protecting your skin against the hazards of everyday life, and from poor health habits. So remember the following:

Cleanse your face with pure, non-perfumed soap or cleansing milk, and rinse thoroughly in warm water. Leaving traces of soap or cleanser on the skin can block the pores, causing spots and blackheads. Men should wash with gritty oatmeal soap to remove flaky skin.

Always use a moisturizing cream after cleansing your face. It acts as double glazing against moisture loss. Skin ages because it gradually dries out, so this should be prevented for as long as possible.

Once a week, freshen up your face by helping along the process of shedding dead cells. Rub gently with a rough flannel, wrung out in warm water, lightly sprinkled with little table salt. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and apply a little cream. Repeat weekly unless your skin is very sensitive.

Don’t use very hot water on your face, or take very hot baths-this can damage the skin.

Splash plenty of tepid water on the face. It is the finest thing to plump-up and softens the outer layers, providing you dry it properly and moisturize it afterward.

Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruit, and wholemeal bread, and drink lots of water. Cut down on fats and sugar, and take a vitamin C supplement from time to time. Remember that smoking and drinking too much tea, coffee or alcohol ruins the skin’s natural good looks.

Don’t go in for fast weight loss when dieting. The face plumps out when you put on weight but it doesn’t always spring back immediately to its original shape when you lose weight, and wrinkles may appear prematurely.

Children’s skin is fairly robust, but nevertheless, it should not be neglected. Always rub a little cold cream on their faces before they go outside particularly in cold, windy weather. This simple precaution will do much to ensure beautiful skin when they grow up.

Take Care of your Face
Take Care of your Face

When all is not perfect

Even with all the care in the world very few of us have perfect skins. About 50 percent of boys and girls develop a greasy skin as they grow up, and this often continues into adult life.

The complexion often takes on a muddy tinge, with enlarged pores often takes on a muddy tinge, with enlarged pores the worst affected areas being the center of the face, the forehead, nose, and chin.

Excessive grease causes blackheads, whiteheads, and spots, not tormentor the depression that goes with them. Greasy skin is normally caused by hormonal changes in the body for instance, women get more spots just before menstruation.

Spots are also aggravated by nervous tension and being run down. In many cases, the blemishes will clear up if the general rules on skincare are observed, and if the spots are not tampered with.

As skin types vary, so should the way in which they are cared for? Following these simple rules will help you make the most of your skin even if it is a problem one:

Oily skin is sensitive to the wrong treatment, and at the slightest provocation is likely to break out into spots. It is, therefore, essential that the skin and anything that may touch it flannels, make-up puffs, and brushes are kept immaculately clean. Wash oily skin thoroughly with a plain unscented white soap that contains little detergent, and no sculpture.

Keep hair free of dandruff by washing it with a detergent-free liquid soap, as dandruff aggravates all skin conditions. Wear your hair off your forehead as a fringe can make your skin sweat too much, blocking the pores and thereby encouraging an outbreak of spot and blackheads.

Do not try to remove all the grease from the skin by using over-harsh soaps, cleansers, and astringents because the skin will become dehydrated and stripped of its essential oils, and the body will react by producing even more grease to make up for the loss.

Women should use an ordinary moisturizer as a make-up base and avoid trying to disguise spots with heavy tinted cream.

Unperformed powder pressed on to the skin with a damp sponge will usually be sufficient to stops do appear they can be soothed by applying a hot compress soaked in a mixture of one teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to one cup of hot water.

Despite the problems that a greasy skin presents, you can console yourself that it usually improves with age and that it remains younger-looking longer than dry skin.

Dry skin feels taut and often sore. Extreme care should be taken because dry skin can wrinkle easily. It must be protected at all times from the heat and cold by using a barrier cream even central heating, put a bowl of water in every room to keep moisture in eh air so that your skin does not dry out.

In addition, use a cream at night, but keep it away from your eyes or they will get puffy. Always pat off any surplus cream that has not been absorbed after five minutes.

Dry skins can be extremely sensitive because the epidermis is particularly thin and is easily affected by the weather, emotional upsets, hot drinks, and highly spiced foods. Dry skin may also be susceptible to broken veins.

If you have this kind of skin you may well be allergic to many kinds of make-up, so do try to get sample-sized allergy-free preparations to find out what kind of suits you best.

Facial exercises (Take Care of your Face)

Try, if you can, to find time to do a few facial exercises each day because the muscles of the face need toning as much as any other parts of the body. Here are four good ones:

Purse your lips and fill your cheeks with air. Press your fingers into your cheeks but don’t let out the air. Count to ten, and then relax. Repeat a dozen times.

For a firm jawline try touching your nose with your bottom lip a dozen times.

Open your mouth wide and fling back your head. Then open and close your mouth ten times clenching the back teeth.

Push the scalp back from the hairline with the palm of your hand do smooth out the furrows in the forehead. Do this ten times.

Bringing back the bloom

When you are unwell you will notice that your skin often looks dull and lifeless. But the natural bloom can be restored if you spend five minutes delicately tapping the face with the fingertips in a circular motion to stimulate circulation.

The skin should never be stretched and a gentle upward movement should be used to apply creams, except around the eye area, where it should be gently pated in.

A face mask is an excellent tonic for the skin. You can make your own by mixing one teaspoon of brewers yeast in two teaspoons of warm water. Apply the paste to the face, leave it on for a few minutes then rinse off with plenty of warm water.

Greasy skins will benefit from a mask made from the beaten white of an egg mixed with a ¼ teaspoon of lemon juice and used in the same way. Men will find that aftershave lotions freshen and soothe the skin, as well as acting as a barrier against dirt.

It may appear at first sight that there are too many ‘simple’ rules to follow, but it is surprising just how easily they can be worked into your daily routine. Remember that after the age of twenty-five the skin begins to lose its elasticity and starts to age.

Doing all you can to protect it and keep it in good condition is common sense, not vanity, and is only what you would do for any unique and treasured possession.

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