Various Impact of Stress on Employee Productivity

Stress is a kind of pressure that causes deviation from normal performance Stress has got a significant impact on productivity. Let’s discuss in detail the impact of stress on employee productivity.

  • When the level of stress is too high, it leads to poor performance.
  • When the level of stress is too low, it leaves employees unstipulated. Resulting in low productivity.

But for the greater productivity, there should be prevailed a moderate level of stress in the organization. This helps employees to work better and results in greater productivity. Some impacts of stress on productivity are as follows:

Impact of stress on employee productivity

Physical Problems: Physical problems create physical problems such as a headache, stomachache, heart attack, allergies, and skin disorder, and as a result production is hampered. This is one of the major impacts of stress on employee productivity.

Emotional Problems: Emotional problems may cause emotional problems like anxiety, fear; guilt, depression, anger; panic, tension, and these problems directly impact productivity.

Absenteeism: Absenteeism stress increases the high absenteeism of workers in the workplace and this causes low productivity.

Family Problems: Family problems create many family problems and this hampered their production quality at their workplace.

Wastage of Time: When stress is too high workers requires a long time to accomplish their work and this also leads to low productivity.

Impact of stress on employee productivity
Impact of stress on employee productivity

Increased Cost of Production: When stress is too high, workers require too much time, and as a result cost of production is also increased.

Lack of Good Relationship between Labor and Management: When workers are in stress they become frustrated regarding their way of life. As a result, there is a conflict existed between labor and top management.

Lack of Commitment toward Work: Lack of commitment toward work also reduces workers’ commitment toward their work. For this reason, lower productivity happens in the workplace.

Low Quality of Products: When laborers are in stress, they could not perform at their expected level and as a result, their quality of production is decreased.

Employees could not perform at their expected level: Many times due to high stress, workers could not perform at their expectation level. So low productivity happens and costs of production increase.

Finally, we can say that, although stress is a bad but moderate level of stress should prevail in any organization for better production.

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