What are the importance of model

We will discuss here importance of model but before that we should know that model is a symbol which helps to develop an idea about anything. Model is a framework. Model is a structure.

It shows various aspects of any subject. Model gives knowledge about the applicability and acceptability of the topic. Model shows the system at a glance. It may be conceptual, qualitative, quantitative, generalized or specialized.

Through the model, we can get an overview of the whole system. Model is a standard that is to be followed for goal achievement.

Importance of Model

There are some points of importance of model. These points are discussed below:

  1. It shows a framework of the system: A modes shows the diagrammatically representation or framework of the system
  2. It gives at glance knowledge: Model can help the reader or observer to gain an overview about the particular issue
  3. It shows the location of aspects of the system: It shows the location of various components of Model. By seeing the location a reader can understand what is wants to explain.meaning_of_model
  4. It identifies various elements of the system: Model identifies various elements of the system. By observing these elements anybody can give his opinion. Models of organizational Behavior.
  5. It clarifies the significance of the system components: Having a place over the elements of the model, the reader himself can clarify the significance of the system components.

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