Major and common causes of stress

Every aspect of a person life is a potential source of stress. Stress comes from pressures at work or at home or personality traits. Some of the common causes of stress are as follows:

Common causes of stress

  1. Work Pressures: The type of a job person holds has a significant impact on the degree of stress he or she faces at work. Some occupations have a great deal of stress associated with them, others are less stressful. The high-strain job listed is the jobs in which the highest level of stress reported.

Another cause of stress in workplace is by living and working with the constant fear of being replaced.

  1. Home Stressors: Single-parent families, which include fathers raising children- and dual-career couples, are common place. These changes have made the conflict between parent as parent and parent as paid employee an extremely deep source of stress. Mother feels stress by the guilt of not being a good parent when work pressures are high and not being good employee when home pressures take priority, father often has pressure from both career and family.


    Causes of stress

  2. Personality: Certain personal characteristics draw certain individuals to specific jobs. These jobs tend to cause stress in the people they attract. The individuals who often have a distorted view of selflessness tend to have extremely high levels of stress that may eventually lead to burnout because they ignore their own needs and give too much of themselves to others. In the Table given below various causes of Stress under these three categories are shown:
1. Work pressure 2. Home stressors: 3. Personality:
a. Job type a. Number of family members 1 . Blood, pressure rise
b. Nature of Job b. Dependents 2. Discuss
c. Working place c. Physical disorder members 3. Anger
d.         Nature         of d. Single parents family 4. Personal
e. Responsibility e. Step-father, mother, brother 5-HostiIe mentality
f. Over supervision f. In secured residence
g. Lack of freedom g. Over Responsibility
h. Insecurity, salary h. Community

 Different causes of employee stress

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