Major factors affecting stress

There are three major factors affecting stress and they are political factors, socio-economic factors, and Cultural & Religious factors. All of these factors affecting stress are discussed below:

Political factors affecting stress

Political forces sometimes affect the stress of an organization. These factors may be various types as follows:

1. Political chaos: Political chaos may create stress among peace-loving people.

2. Strike: Very often strikes and lockouts create stress for not achieving the target.

3. Political interference: Political parties interfere and employees become trussed.

4. Bias with political leader: Sometimes political leaders bias creates tress.

5. Conflict with the political leader: Employees cannot cope with political leaders on many issues.

6. Collective bargaining agent as a political face: The involvement of CBA with politics can many issues.

7. Demand offered by political parties: Sometimes political leaders place their demands on the employee unions.

8. Interpersonal conflict: Conflict with a person who is a supporter of a political party. 

Socio-economic factors affecting stress

Some socio-economic factors can also affect stress. If these factors behave negatively, the volume of stress is high. These are:

1. Low salary/ wages: Due to low salary/ wages employees may be stressed.

2. Inflation of the economy: Inflation decreases purchasing power leading to stress.

3. Organization status: If organization status is hampered stress may be there.

4. Social status:   Hamper of social status also creates stress among employees.

5. Nature of job: Someone engaged as labor and someone engaged in a high position in an organization.

6. Restricted social contacts: Restricted social contracts may create stress.

7. Withdrawal from friends: If employees fail to retain relationships with near and dear ones. 

Factors affecting stress
Factors affecting stress

Cultural & Religious factors

Some cultural and religious factors affect stress conditions also. These factors are pointed out below:

  1. Cultural and religious forces affect the stress in the opposite direction.
  2. Joining to the cultural group may release stress.
  3. Religious activities release stress.
  4. Stress is a psychic phenomenon.
  5. Mental refreshments may release stress.
  6. Doing something against the mind is stress.
  7. Adjustment is the best way of managing stress.
  8. Relax meditation.
  9. Relaxing music/melody.
  10. Fair entertainment

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