Major signs and symptoms of stress

Very often stress is not expressed nor it is seen especially mental stress. Under this circumstance, some symptoms are shown to identify stressed employees, Form the following list some symptoms are known:

Symptoms of stress

Mental depression: This is one of the most common symptoms of stress. You can be mentally depressed because of stress.

Physical tiredness: Physical tiredness is another well-known signs of stress. You will be tired if you are in stress.

Wrong in working: If you see some people who are experts in their job but doing mistakes you might say that hi/she is in stress.

Hungriness: This is a little bit wired but it is true that hungriness is the signs of stress.

Lack of concentration: You can’t concentrate on your job because of stress. This is one of the ways to know you are stressed.

Loose of temper: Are you losing your temperament easily? You may be is stressed. You should concentrate on stress.

Major Signs and Symptoms of Stress
Major Signs and Symptoms of Stress

Lack of productivity: Stress can destroy productivity. So, when you lose productivity you should concentrate on employee stress.

Physical weakness: As a result of stress you may fill physical weakness and it may hamper daily life.

Mental disorder: Long-term stress may reason of mental disorder. Most of the mental disorder happens for long term stress.

The indecisiveness of attitude: Stress doesn’t have any advantages, indecisiveness of attitude one of them.

Misunderstanding: I think this is the most common sign of stress and very wide among us. Every one of us victim of these common symptoms of stress.

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