Need for Efficiency of SHR Manager

The following reasons are needed for efficiency of SHR Manager in Bangladesh organizations. These reasons will definitely strengthen the organizations. Let’s know the need for efficiency of SHR manager.

Need for efficiency of SHR manager

  1. To formulate proper HR policy in the organization.
  2. To exactly evaluate the future demand and supply of human resource.
  3. To set proper strategy for future challenge.
  4. To execute performance evaluation process accurately.
  5. To create a good corporate culture.
  6. To establish compensation policy of the organization based on the compensation policy of the industry.
  7. To solve the employee needs and problems properly.
  8. To integrate HR policy with the company’s strategic policy.
  9. To motivate employee towards tasks.
  10. To establish HR department as a part of the organization.

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1 comment for “Need for Efficiency of SHR Manager

  1. Jacalyn
    May 19, 2016 at 5:28 PM

    Small but it cover all the topic. I found some new thing from here but you may write some more topic. Strategic human resource management is a very large thing to study. Whatever well finding.

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