7 Essential Preparation of pregnancy in diabetes

2 to 5 percent of women can be affected by diabetes in pregnancy. 87.5 percent of them suffer from diabetes due to pregnancy and rest 12.5 percent had diabetics before pregnancy. Women with diabetes should be preparing for at least three months before pregnancy start. So, here we provide some essential tips for preparation of pregnancy in diabetes which can be helpful for you.

Preparation of pregnancy in diabetes

Preparation of pregnancy in diabetes

Preparation of pregnancy in diabetes

  1. Mental PreparationEach mother and her family and everybody should understand exactly how diabetes and pregnancy affect each other, what can cause complications and what it means to prevent and remedy before or at the time of planning pregnancy.
  2. Proper EatingConsult with dietitian to start balance nutrition by avoiding carbohydrate. From the start of planning pregnancies up to 12 weeks of   pregnancy take applied acid tablets of 5 mg to ensure child’s nervous system healthy. If anemia shown then consult with a doctor.
  3. Correct WeightKeep the weight proper to avoid complications of pregnancy. Those who have BMI 27 or more, the weight reduction are important.
  4. Sugar controlAt home observe blood sugar regularly before and after two hours of taking meal and try to keep it less than 6.5 and 8.5 respectively.  It is better to keep HBA1C below 6.5 in an average. To attain proper levels of glucose take insulin instead of taking medicine by mouth.
  5. Subject drugsFor those using ARB type medicine to control   hypertension they should change these sort of medicine before pregnancy by consult with a doctor.
  6. Complications of DiabetesRetinal and kidney complications due to diabetics should be checked before pregnancy.  Because complications may increase due to pregnancy.  Smoking and taking alcohol should be given up.
  7. Very risky pregnanciesKidney complications and protein 2 grams or more in urine in a day, highest retinal complications and HBA1C 10 percent or more all are the symptoms of risky pregnancy.

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