Role of Family in Stress Reduction

Family members can play a pivotal role in reducing stress. The following points will make a clear concept of this issue. These points about the role of the family in stress reduction are discussed below:

Role of Family in Stress Reduction

Giving up the smoking habit: Family members can play an important role to give up the smoking habit. They can do it by giving advice, for example, and logic about the harmful sides of smoking.

Strong mental support: Family members can ensure strong mental support in a stressful situation. They can make him feel that he can do something better than the present.

Praising: Organizations may not praise for an accomplishment by the employee, in that case, the family may come forward to do so.

Recreation: Family can arrange different occasions; like birthday, marriage day, and some social and religious festivals that ultimately help the individual to get rid of stress.

Conversation: Frequent conversation should be held among the group members to get rid of mental agony. One can share his/her ideas with the family members which is not possible with the outsiders.

Role of Family in Stress Reduction
Role of Family in Stress Reduction

Giving more importance: Family members should provide extra care so that individuals can think of themselves as more important of the family.

Inspiration: Family members should inspire in all positive activities of the individuals. As a result, he/she can raise his/her confidence level.

Sound relationship: Weak relationships among the family members can cause stress to the individual. So it is the responsibility of the family members to maintain the harmonious relationship among the family members.

Financial Support: If any member of the family provides financial support in a crucial situation, individuals can think himself free.

Healthcare: Family members should take care of individuals with different health problems resulted from stress. They can members provide first aid to the individual.

These are the key roles that families can play in reducing one’s stress.

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