Skincare Advice Depending on Your Age (1 to 50 Plus)

When you take care of your skin you should remember your age. Because our skin is gradually changing with age. Here are some skincare advice depending on your age.

Skincare advise for age 1 to 20

If you have normal skin and it has no dry spots or blackheads, there is no special problem. But you would be wrong to think that you can neglect your skin or have no need to take care of it.

Always use a good soap and preferably soft water, morning and evening. Rinse several times to remove every last trace of soap and splash with cold water. Apply light moisturizing baby lotion to protect the skin and keep it soft.

For soft Water

Boil some water; let it stand (cool). Add a little boric acid and a little friar’s balsam (tincture of benzoin)


Your skin needs scrupulous care during this period because the hormonal changes that take place in your body at and after puberty frequently lead to oily skin and acne.

Greasy skin is inclined to be shiny, with open pores and blackheads as a result of the over-activity of the sebaceous glands. To fight against this excess, take certain precautions.

Wash your face in warm water using a non-alkaline soap. Nothing will do your skin better than washing it twice a day. Spray it with soda water.

Use once a week a face-pack or face-mask of one beaten white of egg and a few drops of lemon. Keep it on for 15 minutes, and then rinse with lukewarm water.

At night

Remove your make up with a liquid makeup remover, and finish cleansing with an astringent. Finally, wash with warm water and a nonalkaline soap.

In the morning

After washing with soap and water, freshen your skin with a skin tonic having small sprit content. Then apply a moisturizing lotion specially formulated for oily skin or calamine lotion.

Twice a Week

Treat your skin to a cleansing treatment by using a friction wash that cleans clogged pores with abrasive active action. Moisten your face and hands with warm water.

Then put a teaspoon of cleansing granules in the palm, work them into a rich lather and apply to the face. Massage gently for a few seconds. Concentrate on clogged pores and blackhead areas. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water.


Acne is a sign of changes in the hormonal levels in the system which shows itself by inflammation at the mouth of the sebaceous glands producing spots.

Precautions to be taken

  • Avoid preparations which contain Vaseline.
  • Choose non-alkaline soaps.
  • Avoid too highly spiced or starchy foods.

Nightly routine for acne:  remove your make-up with a liquid make-up remover. Wash with soap and water. Then apply an anti-acne cream and leave it on all night.

Morning routine for acne: wipe your face with an anti-acne lotion. Let this lotion dry naturally. Use calamine lotion with 1 percent phenol (ask your chemist to prepare it). Apply as a protective lotion.

Skincare Advice for age 20 to 35

This is the time when you peak endocrinologically (when you have reached your maximum hormone levels). Your oil glands and sweat glands are most active. Your sense of smell and taste are most acute. You are at your peak sexually.

Oily skin is an ongoing problem for a great many young women during their twenties and thirties. And as long as it persists, frequent washing with soap and water can be helpful along with daily shampoo.

Acne, like oily skin, is a manifestation of this peak period of hormonal activity. But it may indicate slight hormonal imbalance when it goes on for long, and hormonal tests are useful n helping to pinpoint the exact cause. If the tests do show an imbalance, medication can be prescribed to correct this.

Large pores pre another problem you are apt to use more of during these years because oily skin acne both contribute to this condition. A large pore is nothing more than the skin surface outlet of a large (and more active) oil gland.

To control open pores: Tomato juice and honey mixed and applied to the skin daily for ten minutes and then rinsed off help open pores.

Exposure to sunlight is something else you have to be careful about. Remember this is a time when you probably spend more hours out of the door walking swimming and such that you are likely to at any later period.

So the amount of sun you get is bound to be considerable and you really have to zero in on protection. You are, after all, still in a very susceptible phase-a young phase. Use sunscreens and sunblocks regularly and generously.

Wrinkles first appear during this period. And in order to forestall them, there are a few things you can do. Those who smoke should cut out cigarettes. Smoking causes lots of little lines on your upper lip and may even be linked to crow’s feet although we do have strong evidence on this yet.

For crow’s feet

Breadcrumbs soaked in milk with a few drops of sweet almond oil can be wrapped in muslin and placed warm over your closed eyes. Crow’s feet can be greatly reduced by applying the above compress.

Circles under the Eyes are another problem

An excellent and very simple remedy is to gently dab around your eyes with a pad of absorbent cotton, soaked in warm tea.

For the eyelids: Touch the lids with a drop of sweet almond oil. This keeps it supple and smooth.

For Eyes: Close your eyes often, blink frequently, given them eye-baths.

Skincare Advice for age 35 to 50

It is about now that your skin is getting thinner, less elastic. It is beginning to show changes in pigment. Color is no longer uniform. You have little set groves on the upper lip, around your eyes, and on your forehead. But more than that, there is a gradual increase in skin surface area. It is rather like wearing a skin that is several sizes too big for your face.

Skincare Advice for fifty plus

Your skin gets quite a mottled look as you get older. If you look at a young person’s skin, it is a single shade. An older person has at least three shades sometimes four, and there are brown spots that do not belong.

Once a week, apply a face-pack of the following recipe.

  • To one teaspoonful of whipped cream, add a pinch of alum and a few drops of lavender oil. Keep this pack on for about 20 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water with three drops of Tr. Benson.

There is one very annoying problem that you gradually begin to be aware of a gully and groove, in the cheek area between the lower eyelid and the nose. The skin above gets unbelievably thin and the skin near the nose gets thicker. It is very hard to correct this except with replacement therapy, collagen, silicone, or the like.

Dry skin is more of a problem the older you get. As a woman’s skin starts to get seriously dry, she usually tries to solve the problem by using just a standard moisturizer. She does no realize the skin-cell replacement has diminished as well as natural lubricant production.

The key thing is getting the skin to be more the way it used to be. Exfoliation really helps. It sloughs off dead skin cells and also steps up cell division making skin cells perform more youthfully.

You can get the cell division stepped up by tapping the skin and using an almond scrub. A large pinch cream should be massaged well into the skin and rinsed off.

You can try the following masks.

  • Separate the yolk from the white of an egg. Eat up the yolk with a little olive oil and spread the mixture evenly all over your face and neck. Leave it on for a quarter of an hour. Remove it with lukewarm water.

Note:  never use warm water as that would set the yolk. Use almond oil with a few drops of essential oil of patchouli, morning and night (to maintain the rhythm of cellular reproduction), and then apply a moisturizer.

Some interesting facts

  • The skin is the largest organ in the body.
  • The skin of an average adult weighs about three kilograms and covers a surface area of sixteen to twenty square feet.
  • A square inch of skin contains nearly 12 million living cells, 60 oil glands, 400 sweat glands, controlled by 4 sense organs each with 15 yards of never strands, 1200 sensory cells, 100 pressure points, 800 never endings, and 40 odd hair.

Hope this skincare advice is helpful to you, if you want more skincare advice feel free to comment below.

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