Some Major Causes of Aging of Skin

The skin condition changes as we grow older. The horny, dead surface of the skin renews every three or four weeks till the twenties. In the mid-thirties and forties, the renewal process takes twice the time. Let’s know the major causes of aging of skin.

Changes occur in the complexion and the tone of the skin. The complexion looks dull and the skin’s tone (vitality) diminishes.

Here are some important facts on the aging of skin

  1. With age, the sweat and the oil glands decrease in number and size and become sluggish.
  2. While the entire mass of the body shrinks with age, the overlying skin remains the same in extent. The excess skin remains the same in extent. The excess skin sags and creases in the form of wrinkles.
  3. As we grow old there is a breakdown of collagen which gives the skin its elasticity. The body fluids dry us and the bones and muscles lose tissue.
  4. Lastly, there is a substantial decline in the number of blood vessels in the skin resulting in the slowing down of circulation. The skin becomes increasingly sensitive to heat and cold.

Though these changes are not obvious to us from day to day, they occur every day as we age.

However, a study of the skin condition of women belonging to for different age groups-adolescence, 20 to 35 years, 35 to 50 years, and 50 years old can reveal significant and the obvious differences-the tell-tale story of age.


The skin is affected by the hormonal changes which lead to oiliness and an outburst of acne. The Skin is otherwise supple and firm.

20 to 35 years

During this age, women peak endocrinologically. This results in the over-activity of the sweat and the oil glands causing excessive perspiration and oiliness. Large pores accompany the acne and oily skin condition. In several cases, the first wrinkles appear in this age.

35 to 50 years

The skin glands become sluggish. The skin becomes thinner, loses its suppleness, and dries out. The skin color begins to change and no longer remains uniform. Pigmented spots appear on the skin. Broken capillaries and veins become noticeable.

50 years

The skin looks mottled and gains about three different shades of color. Wrinkles and creases show prominently. The skin becomes extremely dry. Dark brown spots appear at several places on the skin.

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