Steps to Reduce Stress

Firstly, we have to know what stress is. Stress means the interaction between individual and environment characterized by psychological and physiological changes that cause a deviation from normal performance. However, some steps to reduce stress are as follows:

Steps to reduce stress

  1. Identify the causes of stress
  2. Discuss with internal employees
  3. Discuss with consultant
  4. Measure outcomes from the internal discussion and consultancy
  5. Analyze the data regarding the reasons for stress
  6. Avoid the causes that cannot be recovered and pick some new ideas
  7. Formulation of strategies based on gathered information
    1. Fitness program
    2. Drug testing and rehabilitation
  8. Implementation of the strategy
  9. Monitoring

Measures to Reduce Stress

For reducing the stress of employees, some measures may be taken. By ensuring these measures strategic human resource managers may hope to reduce stress substantially. These measures are mentioned below:

Reasonable working hoursEvery organization must give standard working hours to work comfortably so that workers never feel bored and tired.

Incentives: Top-level management can motivate workers by providing financial and other incentives.

Congenial working environment: Standard working conditions can help workers to free from conflict and acid dispute.

Establish interpersonal relationships: The Strong interpersonal relationship between boss and subordinates helps to remove stress.

Continual communication and sharingContinual communication and sharing communication plays a great role to avoid stress. Consistency in communication is needed.

Measures to Reduce Stress

Supportive cooperation: Top-level management supportive co-operation from the authority or top-level management is necessary to remove stress.

The trade-off between family and work: Family and work both are related to each other and have a great impact on it. Therefore, a trade-off between family and work can reduce stress.

Enhancing job securityJob security is also very important to concentrate on work. Management has to enhance job security.

Freedom of work: Freedom work helps the worker to generate ideas etc. Freedom of work can help to remove job stress.

The flexibility of work: Management has to be flexible in case of managing their organization especially in the part of human resources.

Respect: Respect your own ideas and have respect for other people’s feelings, ideas, and choices.

People’s problemsDon’t be a “fix-it” person for people’s problems. Stress is harmful to any person. If any person suffers from stress, he cannot concentrate on work. So the above measures may be adopted to reduce stress.

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