Various strategies to reduce stress

Some strategic may be worth mentioning to improve the stress of employees. For this purpose, here are five strategies to reduce stress have been identified as follows:

Strategies to reduce stress

1. Cause of stress: List items that cause stress Isolate the one can fix and one should concentrate on line and effort on One should avoid the one, that he or she can do nothing about.

2. Take pride in accomplishment: We must take pride in our accomplishments and receive praise from others. If our job does not provide for these needs we should find an activity that does.

3. The experiment of relation: We may experiment with different forms of relation. Such as sports meditation can be an option.

4. Sense of stress and reasons: We must remember that a sense of stress and reasons to lead to a healthy and productive life.

5. Seek expert counseling: Seek expert counseling by psychologists to be able to manage stress.

Strategies to reduce stress

Role of Government to reduce stress

The government of a country is a guardian of anything. Therefore, the government can play some roles as follows:

  1. a) Enact rules and regulations that will enforce measures in the workplace which will reduce stress,
  2. b) Monitor the internal functioning of various organizations to identify causes of stress.
  3. c) Establish various health supporting installation to help stressed people.
  4. d) Take punitive measures against them who are not careful about work stress.

Rule of Employer to reduce stress

Employers can also play some roles to manage stress. Without an employer’s cooperation, genuine problems cannot be solved even. Eight measures have been identified to reduce stress. These are given below:

  1. Allow more freedom of action.
  2. Allow more flexibility.
  3. Allow mistakes done in making decisions.
  4. Be concerned about workplace stress.
  5. Encourage people by interacting more.
  6. Good feedback system.
  7. Social activities among the employees,
  8. Belongingness of the employers.

Role of Employees to reduce stress

For managing, stress employees can contribute to a large extent. The following are the possible and tentative measures to be adopted to manage stress.

  1. a) Inform the authority about the sources of stress.
  2. b) Enhance interaction with superiors.
  3. c) Increase association amongst peers.
  4. d) Clarify the causes of stress from the relevant authority.
  5. e) Seek expert’s support for stressed people.

Need for people’s Consciousness

One of the most important strategies for reducing stress is raising people’s consciousness.

If people are -conscious about the sources of workplace stress, it may be brought to the attention of management that and the concerned authority may be compelled to take care of that.

How can Consciousness be created?

For creating employee consciousness, a few strategies may be formulated and executed. These strategies are divided into six types. In the following points this is mentioned:

  1. A campaign (social, political) can be launched against work-palace stress.
  2. Encourage people by interacting more.
  3. Extensive write-ups in newspapers, magazines, etc.
  4. Seminars, workshops may be arranged to create consciousness.
  5. TV features, talk shows, etc can be arranged.
  6. Special TV program, Radio program may be undertaken.
  7. Billboards, roadside advertisements, etc may display stress arrangement issues.

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