9 Important Symptoms of Divorce

Who does not want a happy marriage life! But very few couples actually can enjoy their conjugal lives. One after another, various events occur very unexpectedly and the results of which confirmed the divorce. The number of divorces is increasing day by day and which is not good news for us at all. Here is some evidence that usually occur before divorce as symptoms of divorce.

Symptoms of divorce

  1. Past event: Husband and wife quarrel with past event and bitter stories. Wife cannot tolerate husband’s family member and the same thing goes to husband. 
  2. Hassle due to negligible issue: Hassle occurs due to negligible issue. They fall in competition to complaints against each other with very tiny issue. Later they try to avoid each other and once out of the house mate who simply does not wish to return home. They do not get any solutions to their problems.
  3. Clash of opinions: Husband and wife annoyed by the clash of opinions. They cannot take any decision jointly.  Both of them became very busy to prove own self is right on their own position.  This problem mainly happens because of ego.
  4. The secret jealousy: The poison gas of jealous enters secretly between husband and wife’s relationship. The confidence between each other abolish completely. They began to despise each other unknowingly.symptoms-of-divorce
  5. Individualism: Husband and wife cannot think of anything outside of their own interests. They seem to be ignored and unwelcome. They can’t think the family as their own and they have nothing (in the family) to say as us or our. Both became introverted though it is   terrible thing.symptoms_of_divorce
  6. Fraud: In many cases husband and wife occur fraud to each other before divorce. Some of them involve in philandering (illegal relation) which is unforgivable crime. It certainly destroys marriages and families.
  7. Death of desire: Sexual intercourse is evaporated from both (husband and wife) lives. But marital sexual relationship is very important in life to move forward and to happy family.
  8. Trying to gather problems: They do not try to take the initiative to solve any kind of problem.  They gave up each other and try to gather problem against each other. They wait to see the accumulated anger will burst and they will leave each other.
  9. Quite close to the contact: Communication between husband and wife stopped.  They do not talk to each other. If this evidence shown in any family then it is certain that they are walking towards divorce. 

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