Various Steps Involved in the Technology Transfer Process

There are four phases/steps involved in the technology transfer process. These are as follows:

Technology transfer process

  1. Technology acquisitions
  2. Technology Absorption
  3. Technology Adaptation
  4. Technology Improvement

1. Technology acquisitions

The various activities involved in the technology acquisition process. These are as follows:

(a) Selection of technology: The selection of technology is based on the following factors:

  • Appropriateness of technology
  • Cost-effectiveness of technology
  • Possibilities of updating
  • Environmental friendly
  • Proven utility of technology

(b) Selection of collaborators: There are many considerations involved with the selection of collaborators. These are as follows:

  • Preparation of notice inviting tenders.
  • The issue of global tender.
  • Negotiation.
  • Final selection.

(c) Finalization of agreement: Finalization of the agreement is an agreement which is reached with the party, finally selected at a price and terms and conditions settled through negotiation.various_steps_involved_in_the_technology_transfer_process

2. Technology Absorption

 The various activities involves in technology absorption stage are:

  • Preparation of detailed project report
  • Interrelation and implementation of various rights and obligations of the agreement by both parties, i.e. Receiver and collaborator.
  • Project implementation at pre-established “time frame of cost”
  • Periodic evaluation of the management of technology through proper MIS.

3. Technology Adaptation

If the technology is acquired and absorbed successfully the next stage it to integrate the same with production infrastructure and social environment of industry which receives the technology. Integration requires the following:

  • Indigenization of components and subscription.
  • Vendor development.
  • Acceleration.
  • Financial incentives.
  • Co-ordination and co-operation.

4. Technology Improvement

Technology improvement depends on the continuous research and development. This is an ongoing research and development process

Some other technology transfer process

For any technology transfer process to work, some steps need to be developed. The information below, generated by the University of British Columbia, describes the infinite steps involved in such a process. While each business and each technology transfer are several, some of the key measures and subjects involved in suggesting new technologies to the marketplace are given.
It is clear that a technology transfer process has three conforming elements that need to be delivered into consideration.

  • Technology: The first associate to the science and technology component, that is capable of assuring that a critical idea or creativity assessed for its technological probability and turned into a retail merchandise.
  • Marketing: The marketing element covers the business angle, assessing the market conditions and developing a business plan. It is also concerned with the firm planning regarding acquiring a comprehensive retailing strategy – to assure a clear market acquisition for the new goods.
  • Financing: This is the third segment that recognizes and gets funds for seed center, expansion, market perception to make sure.

Each of the above elements lacks the inputs of different businesses in a market, producing to the process several resources and skills that will ultimately lead to the victory of the technology and stock being produced.

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