10 killer tips to increase alexa rank of your website

Every one wants to increase his website rank so, here we provide some tips to increase alexa rank authentically and quickly. Follow the tips mention below to rise your alexa rank.

General information about alexa.com 

Alexa.com is the web information company. It is founded in 1996 as an independent company but in 1999 is acquired by amazon.com. Alexa provide a ranking for website depending on visitor which are most popular now a day.

Monthly 8.5 million people visit the site to get information about other website. This data is proving the popularity of alexa.com. Most people even an internet advertiser collect data from alexa and they give much importance of it. So, if you are thinking to monetize through your website you should think about alexa rank.

Alexa collect data by their browser toolbar to count visitor. They only count a visitor if that visitor have alexa toolbar installed on his / her web browser otherwise they don’t count that visit.

For example: if your website has 1,000 visitors per day but 120 visitors of them installed alexa toolbar on their web browser in that alexa will count only 120 visitors for you website. And they make a ranking for your site depending on this 120 visitor.

Tips to increase alexa rank

1. Claim your website in Alexa.com first

First of all you should sigh up and claim your website in alexa.com so that you can gain full control of your website and it also permits you to give more information like website owner name, city, address, email and zip code.

2. Adding alexa toolbar on web browser

Set add-ons for Mozila firefox

As I said before alexa.com only count the visitors who have alexa toolbar on their browser. So, install the toolbar to make your visit countable. If you are using mozila firefox then click here to install alexa toolbar.

You should accept “Alexa Internet Terms of Use Agreement” by clicking “Accept and Install” as like shown in the image below. Then it will be installed in your browser. After this installation when you visit your site it will count a visitor.


Tips to increase alexa rank

Set extension for Google chrome

If you using Google chrome click here to find extension of alexa toolbar.

3. Set alexa widget in your website

Alexa widget done two things for you, number one is it shows your visitor the position of your website and second one is if any visitors click on this widget it will count a visitor. So it is recommended to use alexa widget in your website.

4. Tech related content

Write some tech related content because these kinds of visitor mostly have alexa toolbar in their web browser.

5. Write quality content

Content is the essential way to develop your website. So, you should publish informative and interesting content all the time.

6. Unique Article

Never publish duplicate article in your blog. This is really very harmful for a website. Even sometime Google don’t index the page including duplicate content.

7. Regular update

You should update your website or blog regularly to increase alexa rank. It is important not only for alexa rank but also for SEO.

8. Increase page view

You should increase your page view at any cost. This is the only way of success in internet business. Suppose you have much useful and informative content in your website but nobody visit your site it does not bring any profit for you.

9. Social Marketing

Social marketing is the most essential way to increase alexa rank. It brings huge number of visitor to your site.

10. Link Building

Try to make some quality link building. Always remember something about link building do not create back link rapidly, do small amount but try to maintain quality otherwise it may be treated as spam.

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