What is the American Chameleon?

Do you know what is the American Chameleon? The American chameleon is really an alone lizard. The anoles are a large group of tree-lizards that come from North and South America and the West Indies. The American Chameleon became so called because it can change its color- a well-known characteristic of chameleons.

There are no chameleons in the New World and so the anole lizard is the creature that most resembles them. Anoles change their color a lot more slowly than chameleons and in response to more than just their surroundings. The temperature, light intensity and how the anole is feeling at the time, all affect its final color. 

What is the American Chameleon

What is the American Chameleon: The female American chameleon (below) is drab compared to the splendid throat sac of the male (right). He can expand this to show off its bright colors either to attract a mate or warn off a rival.

Which lizard squirts blood from its eyes?

Nobody knows quite how or why the Horned Toad (which is really another lizard) squirts blood from its eyes, but we know for certain that it does happen on occasions. Naturally, there are a number of theories to explain this strange phenomenon.

What is the American Chameleon

The horned toads come from desert areas of North America and Mexico. They are insect eaters and bury themselves in the warm sand each evening as night falls, they can grow up to 5 inches long.

Somehow the lizard is able to increase the blood pressure in its head, rupture the membranes of tiny blood vessels in its eyes, and squirt drops of blood for several inches. It is said that this action is usually defensive and that when squirted into the eyes of an attacker, the blood of the Horned Toad acts as an irritant. 

Which big lizards eat seaweed and cacti?

The Marine Iguana and the Land Iguana come from the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean. They are both enormous lizards. The Marine Iguana grows to 4 feet in length and the Land Iguana to 3 ½ feet.

The Marine Iguana is the only lizard to have adapted to life in, or at least next to, the sea. It lives on the cliffs and rocks of the coast in large colonies and feeds on the beds of seaweed exposed at low tide. It can swim well, however, using its long, vertically flattened tail, and sometimes dives under the surface to feed.

What is the American Chameleon

The Marine Iguana (left) and the Land iguana (right) are large lizards of the Galapagos Islands.

The Land Iguana, as its name suggests, lives inland from the coast and leads a more conventional lizard life. It is also mainly a vegetarian but, instead of seaweed, feeds on a variety of plants including shoots and fruits, but particularly cacti, spines and all. Larger Land Iguanas have been known to eat small mice and rats.

The large iguanas of the Galapagos were once very abundant. When man settled on these islands, however, he brought with him many domestic animal competitors for the iguana habitat, and today the iguanas are much reduced in numbers.

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