What is the Largest Living Land Mammal?

There are thousands of species on our earth. Every species has its own feature. Do you know about what is the largest living land mammal? Let’s find the detail information about this land mamma.

What is the largest living land mammal?

The largest land mammal living today is the African Elephant. A fully grown male measures I I feet high at the shoulders and may weigh over 6 tons.

It eats 700 pounds of vegetation and drinks over 50 gallons of water in a day, its trunk having a capacity of 1 ½ gallon. It can walk at 4 miles an hour, which is about as fast as a man can walk, but it can run at an impressive 30 miles an hour but is unable to jump the smallest of obstacles.

There is another species of elephant found today. The Indian Elephant has smaller ears, a more rounded back, a trunk with one finger at the end (rather than two), a domed forehead and a smaller overall size.

What is the Largest Living Land Mammal

The African Elephant spends more time large surface area of its ears speeds the loss of heat African Elephants flap they’re to keep cool.

Can an elephant drink through its trunk?

This is the equivalent of asking, ‘Can you drink through your nose?’ and of course the answer is no. The elephant’s trunk is an extension of its nose and upper lip. It does not just hang limply but can be operated to carry out a vast range of tasks.

The most important of these is food gathering. The sensitive finger (or fingers) at the tip of the trunk enables the elephant to pluck foliage and pass it into the mouth. The trunk is also used as a hosepipe. It can squirt water or dust over the elephant, and can also squirt over a gallon of water straight into the mouth when the elephant is drinking.

Other uses are as a snorkel or breathing tube when the elephant is swimming, as a lifting device, as a weapon for defense and lastly, for smelling, of course.

What is the Largest Living Land Mammal

The Indian Elephant is found in dense forests of Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Burma, Thailand, and Malaya. The African Elephant is found in most parts of Africa south of the Sahara

Why are the hyraxes a puzzle?

This small group of rabbit-sized animals from Africa has confused zoologists for a long time. Nobody has been really sure how the hyraxes are related to other larger mammals because they show an odd mixture of features. Some have teeth like rhinoceroses, others like hippopotamuses.

The bone structure of their front legs and feet is like that of an elephant, as is the shape of their brain. Their back legs and feet resemble those of an ancestor of ht horse and their stomach is also horse-like. Other features are intermediate between rodents and hoofed animals.

It is now thought that hyraxes may have descended from a group of animals that eventually gave rise to the elephants, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses, and horses as we know them today.

What is the Largest Living Land Mammal

Both Rock Hyraxes and Tress Hyraxes (above) have padded feet which act like suction cups to increase their grip. They are kept moist by sweat glands on the soles.

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