What is the Meaning of Supervisor?

Supervision is an important element of directing function of management. Managers at all levels perform the supervisory function. It is not the responsibility of first line supervisors only. Lets know the meaning of supervisor.

At the top level of an organization, the proportion of direct supervision is comparatively less that at middle and operation levels level managers supervise this work of departmental heads who in turn supervise operation executives.

At each level, supervision is required to translate plans and programs into action. At the lowest level managers have the primary date for supervision and, therefore, they are known as supervisors.

Meaning of supervisor

In common word meaning of supervisor is a person who is responsible for supervision of any work or may be team work. Mostly a supervisor supervise a team to achieve an organization’s goal and he should report his top level management about his job.

The word supervisor is derived from the Latin word supra which means over or above. Vs-see=over-see-or = Overseer or supervisor. Management by overseeing the performance or operation of a person or group. The action, process, or occupation of supervising; especially: a critical watching and directing (as of activates or a course of action.

A developmental process designed to support and enhance an individualā€™s acquisition of the motivation, autonomy, self-awareness, and skills necessary to effectively accomplish the job at hand.

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