What is the Okapi?

Do you know What is the okapi ? The Okapi looks as if it is a cross between a zebra, a donkey, and a giraffe.

What is the Okapi?

It is a very recognizable animal and is quite large, as big as a horse, and yet it was first discovered only about seventy years ago. It is very shy ad retiring, living in the densest tropical forests of the Zaire basin.

The Okapi is the only living relative of the Giraffe. It has a giraffe-like supple neck and a long tongue for plucking the leaves from trees.

What is the Okapi

What is the Okapi: Male Okapis have a pair of short, skin-covered bone horns which they keep all the year round. The females usually have a pair of bumps on the head

Why is the Pronghorn so called?

Often misleadingly called an antelope (antelopes come from Africa and Asia), the North American Pronghorn derives its popular name from the forward-pointing branch of its horns.

The pronghorn’s horns are extremely interesting. They are composed of two parts: a bony central cone which is permanent like those of the true antelopes, and a sheath of fused hairs supplying the horny covering.

The branched horny covering splits each year and is shed revealing a new growth of horn underneath.

What is the Okapi

Once near extinction but now a successfully conserved species, Pronghorns inhabit dry areas of western North America and Canada.

How long is the Giraffe’s tongue?

The Giraffe is easily the tallest of the mammals at 18 feet. Apart from its legs and neck another long feature of the Giraffe is its tongue. When fully extended to pluck a distant leaf or twig, the Giraffe’s tongue is 17 inches long.

The Giraffe feeds on the foliage of acacia trees on the savannahs of South Africa, and because it usually browses around the trees at a constant height, they often end up with an hourglass shape.

The long neck is ideal for reaching up into trees but is not as convenient for drinking. The Giraffe has to splay its front legs or bend its knees in order to reach the ground to drink.

What is the Okapi

There is only one species of Giraffe, but a number of races with slightly different coloring are recognized.

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