Where do eels go to breed and die?

Eels are very famous for its electric shock but here we discover about where do eels go to breed and die?

The life histories of the European and American freshwater eels are remarkable and even today they are not completely understood. After living in freshwater streams, rivers and ponds for about ten years in the case of the females, and about six years in the case of the males, the eels fatten up, change color from a yellowy-green to silvery-grey, stop feeding and begin a long journey.

Where do eels go to breed and die?

Those that are confined in ponds and lakes begin their migration at night by slithering across wet grass until they reach a stream. There they join other mature eels travelling downstream to the sea.

Their journey does not end there, however. Both the eels form Europe and those form America head for one particular area of floating weed in the western Atlantic Ocean, called the Sargasso Sea.

Where do eels go to breed and die

Where do eels go to breed and die?

For American eels the journey is moderate but for European eels it is immense. It takes them about a year to swim the 3,000 miles to their spawning grounds. On arrival spawning takes places, the eggs are laid and the eels die. Tiny, transparent larvae, called leptocephali, hatch from the eggs.

Where do eels go to breed and die

The larval stages and adult of the freshwater eel. The last stage but one shows the elver which enters European rivers in thousands after its journey from its birthplace in the Sargasso Sea.

Those of American eels head back towards the United States, while those of European parents drift along in the Gulf Stream towards Europe. During this journey they pass through a number of stages until, there years later, they enter the estuaries of rivers as elvers, miniature versions of their parents.

Where do eels go to breed and die

This map shows the routes taken by the leptocephali of freshwater eels from the Sargasso Sea.

Swimming upstream the eventually reach the home streams, rivers and ponds which their parents deserted four years ago. 

Is the moray eel as fierce as it looks?

The moray eel certainly looks dangerous and there are many stories of people being seriously injured by attacks from these large, sinewy fishes. The moray eel, however, is a shy, retiring animal and spends the day handing away in nooks and crannies in coral. If an underwater diver disturbs a resting eel, it will naturally resent this, and when cornered it will not hesitate to lunge and bite to escape.

Where do eels go to breed and die

There are over 100 kinds of moray eel. They live in the shallows of tropical and subtropical seas and particularly on coral reefs. Some can grow to 10 feet in length.

Unprovoked attacks on people collection shells on coral reefs are probably cases of mistaken identity on the part of the eel. The moray eel is partial to octopuses and could easily imagine a person’s fingers to be the succulent tentacles often of its favorite foods. But it may grab at the molluscs the collector is holding rather than his hand. 

Is the dolphin fish or a mammal?

It is a confusing fact that there is both an air-breathing mammal called a dolphin that lives in the sea, and also a true fish of the same name. There are two kinds of dolphin fish. One is quite large and grows to about 5 feet in length, and the other is similar in looks but grows to only 2 ½ feet.

Where do eels go to breed and die

The favorite food of the dolphin fish is flying fishes and they chase them at speeds of over 35 miles per hour under water.

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