Where do spoonbills and ibises live?

Spoonbills and ibises are wading birds of the same bird family. They live in the flock is and fly with the head held straight out in front and the legs trailing behind. Both groups fly slowly, but whereas spoonbills fly with regular wing beat, all the ibises in a group alternate flapping with gliding so that they fly in unison. Let’s know where do spoonbills and ibises live?

The Common Spoonbill breed in northern and southern Europe, southern Asia and Africa. The Roseate Spoonbill is found in the southern United States and through much of South America. The Scarlet Ibis lives in tropical America from Venezuela to Brazil.

Where do spoonbills and ibises live

Where do spoonbills and ibises live

The bill of an ibis is downcurved for probing along the lakeshore, while that of a spoonbill is spoon-shaped for sifting small organisms from mud and water. Roseate spoonbills and Scarlet Ibises are shown.

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