Which are the fishes of the carp family?

Let’s find out which are the fishes of the carp family? In this enormous fish family there are about 1500 species of carp and carp-like fishes. They are all freshwater fishes most of which have one or more barbels around the mouth. Such a large family naturally contains fishes of great variety in size and colour.

Besides the carp themselves most of the fishes we are familiar with in rivers and ponds belong to the family: minnows, Bleak, Rudd, Roach, Tench, Gudgeon, Barbel, Chub and Dace.

In America there are other species called shivers, suckers, as well as many other minnows. Among the smallest members are the minnows which are rarely more than 4 inches long. At the other end of the scale the Common Carp grows to about 3 ½ feet and can weigh up to 60 pounds. Even bigger is the enormous Indian Mahseer growing to 9 feet in length?

A common member of the carp family is the Roach, a silvery fish popular with freshwater fisherman. Roach live in shoals in still, or slowly moving water. A good catch is a 2 pound specimen.

Which are the fishes of the carp family?

Which are the fishes of the carp family?

Which goldfishes are freaks?

The wild goldfish is a very common fish from China, usually green or brown in colour. About a thousand years ago the Chinese noticed that red forms of the wild goldfish occasionally appeared.

They started to keep these more attractive forms in ponds and bowls and managed to breed them. Since then, goldfishes have always been popular as pets and many different varieties and forms have been produced. Some of these are so bizarre they barely resemble fishes at all.  The Lion head Goldfish for example, has a large head grossly swollen with warty bumps.


Other varieties, equally grotesque, have bulging eyes so distorted that the fishes can only look upwards. We can safely refer to such creatures as fish freaks because if such creatures were released into the wild they would soon die.


They can only survive if man looks after them in ponds and tanks so that they have no worries about finding food or avoiding enemies.

The big does the Tench grow?

The Tenchs another placid fish that prefers still, weedy waters with a muddy bottom. It is popular with anglers in Europe and a good fish would weigh 7 pounds. Like the carp, the tench can survive in water that has low oxygen content.


For this reason, a variety called the Golden Tench is also popular as a pond and aquarium fish.


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