Which Dog looks like a Fox on stilts?

Do you know which dog looks like a fox on stilts? This strange description has been used for the Maned Wolf, and if you have been lucky enough to see one in a zoo, you would understand why.

The dog’s fox-like body is balanced on extremely long, slender legs which give the animal a rather elegant look.

As you might expect, the Maned Wolf is a good runner and ranges widely in search of prey over open country and small areas of forest n South America.

It is rarely seen because it hunts at night and is a very wary animal.

Which Dog looks like a Fox on stilts

Which dog looks like a fox on stilts: The Maned Wolf is said to run faster than any other member of the dog family.

Which Dog cannot Bark?

The Dingo is one of the very few dogs in the world that is unable to bark. It is not a silent dog, however, as it makes up for not barking by howling and whining very loudly indeed. Dingoes are a very ancient breed of wild dog from Australia.

There probably quite closely related to the primitive dogs from which our domestic dogs of today evolved. Dingoes must have arrived in Australia with the first Aboringines to settle there from Asia.

They soon sent wild although the Aborigines of today still rear pups and train them for hunting. Dingoes are considered a pest in Australia because of the large number of sheep and cattle they kill every year.

Which Dog looks like a Fox on stilts

Apart from its inability to bark, the Dingo differs from other dogs by not being able to lower its ears. A Dingo is shown living in an Aborigine camp (left).

How many wolves are there in a wolf-pack?

Each autumn the cubs born to a pair of wolves join their parents in hunting as a family group.

A typical wolf-pack like this may have five members, but if the winter is particularly hard, family packs join up to form a larger pack.

A large wolf-pack rarely has more than thirty wolves, however.

Which Dog looks like a Fox on stilts

These Asiatic, or Golden, Jackals also belong to the dog family and generally live by scavenging near towns. By hunting in packs, wolves are able to attack and kill large animals such as the moose.

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