Which Ship first Sailed Around the World?

Do you know which ship first sailed around the world? Let’s discover this great history of our exploration.

On 20 September 1519, five small ships set sail from Spain. Their combined tonnage was less than 500 tons. In command was Ferdinand Megellan, a Portuguese sailing under the Spanish flag. The ships battled across the Atlantic in the face of fierce gales and, on reaching Brazil, turned southwards, seeking a passage from west to east.

Eventually they discovered a strait at the tip of South America and the tree remaining ships-Victoria, Concepcion and Trinidad-sailed through it and entered the Pacific Ocean. They continued to sail westwards until they reached the Philippines. Here Magellan was killed by natives in a skirmish and Sebastian Del Cano took command.

The Concepcion proved unseaworthy and had to burned, and the Trinidad returned to Panama leaving only the Victoria to complete the voyage.

Del Cano continued sailing westwards until, with a crew of thirteen Europeans, the Victoria finally anchored off Seville in September 1522. In their year the gallant little Victoria had sailed right around the world-the first ship to do so.

Which Ship first Sailed Around the World

Which ship first sailed around the world: The Victoria in the Magellan Straits.

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